In college, knowledge of drinking games is a must. You must know how to play flip cup, beer pong, or slap cup. When a group of college-aged students show up at a party with a stack of red cups on a table, that generally means one of those three games is about to be played. 

Often, college students don't just play one game in a night. For example, if beer pong is being played, flip cup may also ensue. If you want to come into college prepared to party properly, understanding flip cup is a must. The rules of engagement are:

Step 1: Make Teams

Make two teams of equal numbers of people. You can play with two people, it just makes it a little more challenging and a little less fun. Having 4+ people on each team makes the game more interesting

Step 2: Line 'em up

Have each team line up on opposite lengthwise ways of a table and put cups, usually solo cups, in front of every player. Each player should be directly facing one opponent.

Step 3: Fill Those Cups

Fill the cups with your drink of choice. The most commonly used drink at college parties is beer, but if you don' feel like drinking, then you can play with water or soda. 

Step 4: Pick a Side

Pick a side to begin the game with. The opponents on that side may initiate the game by gently hitting their glasses together. 

Step 5:  Chug It

The people who do the initial cheers must then chug their cup and place the cup right side up with half of the base on the edge of the table and the other half off it. Then they must flip the cup until it lands perfectly upside down.

Step 6: Next Person

Once that person has flipped their cup successfully, the person on their team who's next to them must do the same as them and drink their cup and flip it. This continues until everyone on that side has gone. The team to finish all their cups first wins!