When I studied abroad, I became quite aware of the fact that the UK is a food wonderland. But sometimes, there are phrases that you just don't get at first, and a definitive UK-American food lexicon would have been more than helpful at times when trying to get around.

When I went to Old Spitalfields Market with my flatmate last fall, one man who was selling the funkiest lattes out of a black cab (yes, as in a taxi) asked us: "How's tricks?" My roommate and I were not sure how to respond, but he explained that he simply meant: "How are you?"

coffee, beer
Tara Bitran

Although this moment ended well, to prevent the chance of another mishap occurring in the future, here is a definitive UK-American food lexicon to simplify some of those phrases that make you scratch your head. What's the difference between afternoon tea, high tea, and a cream tea? Who has ever heard of a "courgette?" Let's find out. In alphabetical order...

1. Afternoon Tea

tea, coffee, croissant
Tara Bitran

Definition: The traditional sort that automatically comes to mind when you think of a fancy tea in England, complete with an array of scones, sandwiches, and petit fours. 

2. Aluminium foil

Tara Bitran

Definition: Aluminum foil you use for baking and to wrap things up before you put them in the fridge. They just add an "i" in the middle.

3. Aubergine

eggplant, vegetable, aubergine, pasture, brinjal
Madeleine Cohen

Definition: The French word for eggplant that Britain adopted in their own vernacular.

4. Bacon Rashers

Definition: These are slices of bacon that are thicker and wider than those we're used to here in America. But tbh, they're so much juicier and a must-have in a fry-up. 

5. Bangers

Definition: Ever hear of bangers and mash? Not the mash part, bangers are simply the name of sausages. 

6. Bap

sandwich, chicken
Tara Bitran

Definition: Speaking of sausages, here's one in a bap! Baps are buns or rolls, perfect for making sandwiches.

7. Beetroot

sweet, beet, vegetable
Margaret Weinberg

Definition: Beets, but with "root" added onto the end.

8. Biscuit

chocolate, sweet, cookie, cake, pastry, bread, goody
Tara Bitran

Definition: People in the UK say "biscuits" as much as we say "cookies", and if you've got a sweet tooth like me, then that's obviously a lot.

9. Brown Bread

toast, bread, wheat, cereal, rye, wheat bread
Jocelyn Hsu

Definition: People around the world want to eat healthy, right? This is the equivalent of whole wheat (aka wholemeal) bread.

10. Candy Floss

Definition: Cotton candy, from bright pink to sky-blue.

11. Cheers

Definition: Yes, Jimmy Fallon. "Cheers" means thanks. As in, what you say when someone brings you a tray of scrumptious looking biscuits or a plate of bangers and mash. 

12. Chips

french fries, salt, ketchup, potato, chips, fish and chips, fries
Amelia Hitchens

Definition: I know, I know. But yes, the fries we know and love are called chips in the UK, and are normally found alongside haddock or cod in fish and chips or wrapped up in a newspaper.

13. Cider

wine, coffee
Tara Bitran

Definition: Guys, don't be fooled. Cider in the UK is the hard kind (aka alcohol). Trust me, my friend and I asked a vendor at Borough Market if their kind of cider had alcohol in it, and he laughed in our faces. True story...

14. Cling Film

Definition: Saran wrap. Also called plastic wrap.

15. Coriander

parsley, herb, vegetable, cilantro, coriander, relish
Msu Spoon

Definition: Cilantro. The garnish partial to some, while others believe it tastes like soap.

16. Cos Lettuce

Definition: My sister's favorite base for a salad, romaine lettuce.

17. Courgette

cucumber, vegetable
Alex Frank

Definition: This is what courgette is. Zucchini, everyone!

18. Cream Tea

Tara Bitran

Definition: No nonsense. Just scones and tea. All I'll ever want and need. But for my roommate, please nix the raisins.

19. Crisps

corn, cornflakes, sweet, salt, chips, tortilla chips, cereal
Aakanksha Joshi

Definition: These are the chips you know and love, but for the sake of UK-American food translations, these are technically crisps in London Town.

20. Crumpet

bread, pastry, sweet, chocolate
Tara Bitran

Definition: Ever heard of tea and crumpets? These are the aforementioned crumpets, which are basically the English muffins we like to toast and smear butter on for breakfast in the morning.

21. A Cuppa

tea, coffee, black tea
Tara Bitran

Definition: Care for a spot of tea? If you want a cup of tea when you're in the UK, just ask for a cuppa. They'll hook you up.

21. Cutlery

Definition: Your silverware set atop the table when you sit down at a restaurant to chow down on a quality meal.

22. Digestives

Definition: No; these are not a kind of medicine to help your digestive patterns. Actually, they're graham crackers or semi-sweet cookies sold at a local Sainsbury's or Tesco. Just ask Hugh Grant's Prime Minister in Love Actually. He likes the chocolate ones.

23. Fairy Cakes

Definition: These are cupcakes, but on the slightly smaller side. If you're someone who struggles to finish an entire Sprinkles cupcake, these just might be calling your name.

24. Fish Fingers

Definition: Yes, they've already got fish and chips. But fish fingers in the UK are the equivalent of fried and breaded sticks here in the US.

25. French Bean

vegetable, asparagus, legume, french beans, pea, beans
Gabby Phi

Definition: Interestingly called French beans, we know these veggies as green beans.

26. Fried Eggs

Definition: To the dismay of some of my flatmates who really wanted them fried, the UK version of fried eggs is known as eggs over easy or sunny side-up across the pond.

28. High Tea

Definition: Now high tea is technically a meal, typically served in the late afternoon or early evening. Sure, tea is a mainstay and bread and butter may be served, but you might not see as many desserts as you would for afternoon tea.

29. Ice Lolly

sweet, raspberry, popsicle
Jennifer Nigro

Definition: Summer treats to cool you down are universal. Ice lollies are popsicles.

30. Jacket Potato

vegetable, potato, meat, bread, spuds, pork
Hana Baig

Definition: Think of the skin on the outside of the potato as a jacket for the starchy flesh on the inside. Once you zip or slice it open, you find yourself with a baked potato like we're used to in the US.

31. Mash

Bernard Wen

Definition: The other half of bangers and mash: the mashed potatoes.

32. Mince or Minced Meat

meat, beef, oatmeal, ground beef, cereal, mince
Alex Frank

Definition: Think the UK's version of Hamburger Helper, featuring ground meat.

33. Mincemeat

cinnamon, pastry, sweet, chocolate, cake
Tara Bitran

Definition: A traditional Christmas treat found at the likes of our darling Pret a Manger, minced pies are filled with mincemeat, which is a mix of finely chopped fruits and citrus peels that are then mixed with brandy or rum.

34. Porridge

Definition: A phrase I still use after coming back, porridge (aka oatmeal) is a quintessential breakfast in the UK. There even is a restaurant dedicated to oatmeal called 26 Grains in Neal's Yard, a colorful square hidden in Covent Garden (see the featured image). 

35. Pudding

Phoebe Melnick

Definition: The generalized term for dessert, typically seen on menus at restaurants. As in, the "puddings" section.

37. Rocket

Blair Baker

Definition: Arugula. Quite the popular topping on pizzas, especially at Homeslice, arugula has the same name as a missile over in the UK. I know, I was surprised, too. Maybe it's because arugula has a pepper-y aftertaste that pops in your mouth.

38. Rubbish Bin

Definition: You guys have to have seen a TV show where someone deems something awful as absolute rubbish, right? Well, in the UK, a trash or garbage bin is known as a rubbish bin. Make sure to take all that rubbish out before it overflows.

39. Sausage Rolls

Tara Bitran

Definition: Basically pigs in a blanket but 10 times more amazing. They're sausages wrapped in a light pastry, which are particularly delicious at Gail's Artisan Bakery. My friend and I were big fans while we were abroad, and definitely grabbed a few of these from the Gail's down the block in between classes.

40. Scone

biscuits, bread, dough, scone, sweet, pastry, flour
Virginia Dodenhoff

Definition: Baking a simultaneously flaky and fluffy scone is an art. But for a quick breakdown, scones are pretty similar to a biscuit here in the US but are usually sweeter, unless their ingredients consist of cheese, chives, or other savory fare. 

41. Shopping Trolley

Grocery, supermarket, Market, shopping, Trader Joe's, food
Caroline Ingalls

Definition: A grocery cart used in your local supermarket to stock up on goodies to eat during the week.

42. Sultanas

Definition: A dried fruit that was a common ingredient in scones, sultanas are what we would consider to be raisins.

43. Swede

Definition: Swedes here are not in reference to citizens of Sweden. Instead, the UK-American food term refers to the rutabaga, which is like a cross between a turnip and a cabbage.

44. Take-away

pizza, tea, coffee, beer
Tara Bitran

Definition: A UK-American food term I still use and get looks for at times. But hey, it makes sense. You take your food away from a restaurant! But to-go works, too. As does take-out.

45. Tattie

vegetable, pasture, potato, tuber, carbohydrate
Jocelyn Hsu

Definition: The shorthand for potato. Also a common ingredient in tattie scones, which are fried potato scones.

46. Toastie

sandwich, cheese
Tarika Narain

Definition: Who doesn't love sandwiches that are toasted? I mean, obviously melted cheese amplifies the experience of chomping on two slices of bread filled with the likes of meat, veggies and the ooey-gooey cheese dripping down either side. You can also think of toasties as a panini. 

47. Treacle

Definition: Harry Potter fans, gather around. I'm sure you all read about how a treacle tart is Harry's personal favorite dessert. But did you ever wonder what exactly treacle is? To answer that question for the sake of our UK-American food lexicon, it's the UK word for molasses. 

48. Water Biscuits

Definition: Nicely pairing with a charcuterie board and a swanky selection of cheese like gruyere or brie, water biscuits are the crackers that shoulder all those toppings we like so much.

49. Wholemeal

cereal, wheat, corn
Christin Urso

Definition: The whole wheat base of brown bread (aka whole wheat bread).

50. Yorkshire Pudding

Definition: A major highlight of a Sunday Roast, Yorkshire pudding is much like a popover but larger and with the sides risen to create a hollow center. It's like when you see your cake deflated in the center when you open the oven to take it out. But instead of being disappointed, that's exactly what you wanted to happen!

And here we are. A definitive lexicon of 50 UK-American food-related terms. While we might not always agree on what to call an aubergine or arugula, we can all concur with the universal truth that a love of food unites us all.