The Christmas season has begun, and that means one very important thing: Christmas movie marathons. There will be the inevitable viewings of Home Alone to reminisce about your childhood, two or three versions of A Christmas Carol, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (either the animated or live-action version), and the ever-classic It's a Wonderful Life, for when you feel like dying just a little bit inside. But, of course, you know that at some point you are going to watch Love Actually

Despite the fact that you're going to watch it, the fact is, once you have seen the movie 15 times, the magic begins to fade a bit. You feel yourself start to roll your eyes at the cheesy lines rather than crying tears of pathetic joy. The perfect way to spice up a dull time? A drinking game!

#SpoonTip: Need some ideas for what to drink? I've got you covered. But please drink responsibly. Spoon University does not encourage binge drinking—it ain't cool. 

Take a drink whenever:

1. Daniel says something to Sam that should not be said to a child and will probably scar him later in life.

2. Billy Mack refers to his "fat manager."

3. Someone is surprised to see the Prime Minister.

4. Jamie and Aurélia hold a conversation while speaking two different languages and gain radically different conclusions from the experience.

5. Mia flirts with Harry in a highly inappropriate manner that is uncomfortable for all involved.

6. John and Judy get progressively more naked.

7. Colin makes a non-human noise.

8. Sarah and Karl make sexually-charged eye contact.

9. Mark looks constipated while watching Julia and Peter.

Finish your drink when:

1. A couple gets together for good.

2. The song "Christmas is All Around" plays.

3. Two stories intersect.

4. Mr. Bean shows up!

Eat a Christmas cookie (to help you absorb the alcohol) when:

Kelli Haugh

1. You feel proud to be British (even if you are not, in fact, British).

2. You want to cry big, happy tears that love is real (bonus points if you do end up physically crying).

Hopefully following these rules will make the Love Actually experience significantly more memorable. And when you're feeling up to another holiday movie binge, check out this Elf drinking game. Or for those who think Christmas movies are the bomb anyway, replace the alcohol with hot chocolate or eggnog. Stay festive, my friends.