This year marks the 20-year anniversary of JK Rowling getting Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone published, and it is the 16-year anniversary of Daniel Radcliffe’s rise to stardom as The Boy Who Lived. Oh, and Harry turns 37. Yeah, let that sink in: we’re old. This summer, whether you are celebrating the birth of the book series that has undoubtedly changed our lives, or if you are just a Muggle trying to instill a little wizard-ness into yourself, try out the following Harry Potter-inspired recipes you can make out of your very own kitchen. 

1. Knickerbocker Glory

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Duddlekins shared food with Harry, what?! Just kidding. Dudley gave Harry the remains of his Knickerbocker Glory because his didn’t have enough ice cream on it, so make sure to be extra generous with yours.

2. Harry’s Eleventh Birthday Cake

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It was iconic moment when Hagrid pulled Harry’s first ever birthday cake out of his multi-pocketed coat on his eleventh birthday. On July 31st, celebrate Harry’s birthday by replicating that same cake.

3. Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream

On Harry’s first trip to Diagon Alley, Hagrid buys him chocolate-raspberry ice cream. Harry eats it after his initial encounter with Malfoy (probably to calm his nerves) outside Madam Malkin’s. Top it with walnuts — Harry does.

4. Hagrid’s Rock Cakes

Tea at Hagrid’s means making your teeth suffer the pain of biting into one of his rock cakes. Remember: the longer you bake them, the harder and more Hagrid-like they will be.

5. Mrs. Weasley’s Corned Beef Sandwiches

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It is no secret that Ron dislikes his mother’s corned beef sandwiches. Maybe if she amped them up with a little bit of cheese and dressing Ron wouldn’t feel this way.

6. Mrs. Weasley’s English Toffee

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One can always count on Mrs. Weasley to make them feel better. From homemade sweaters to homemade treats, her kind actions lighten us up. Her toffee warmed Harry and Ron’s hearts on Easter of their fourth year, and it can warm your cold heart up too.

7. Weasley’s Canary Creams

Neville falls into a trap and turns into a canary after eating one of these Fred and George Weasley treats. Shocker. Find out how to make them here (but you won’t turn into a bird).

8. Pumpkin Pasties

This is the very first wizard treat Harry ever tried en route to Hogwarts. If only we had Every Flavor Beans and Chocolate Frogs to eat with them

9. Treacle Tart

This one is Harry’s personal favorite, and it is served at most Hogwarts feasts. With a shortcrust base and a syrup topping, we can understand why Harry enjoys it so much.

10. Lemon Sorbet

Though far from a Muggle, Dumbledore sure did enjoy their lemon drops. Make these spiked tequila lemon sorbets to honor his love of lemon sweetness.

11. Polyjuice Potion

Turn into whoever you want with this Polyjuice Potion — just don’t forget to add in a strand of hair. Yum.

12. Butterbeer

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Bring Hogsmeade to your home and make your own butterbeer. Yes, it’s as good as the wizards claim it is. You can even change it up by making butterbeer cupcakes.

13. Golden Snitch Cake Pops

Hopefully, these delectable cake pops won’t try to fly away from you.

However you celebrate Harry Potter's 20th anniversary, I hope you now have the food to make it yummy.