I was grocery shopping at Food Lion when I first discovered Lantana Hummus. Prior to this I had no idea hummus could come in such a wide variety of flavors, which is shameful because I proudly call myself a hummus lover. To make it even better there was nothing on the ingredient list I couldn't pronounce. All of the ingredients were wholesome, healthy, and vegan. I knew I had to try it, and I'm glad I did because flavored hummus has become my new obsession.

Hummus lovers and even those who aren't big fans of original chickpea hummus should give Lantana's flavored hummus a try. To make it easier for you to decide between their wide variety of flavors, I've ranked my favorites below.

8. 3-Pepper

The 3-Pepper Hummus has a bold, extra spicy taste. It has a chipotle pepper flavor that definitely packs a punch. Jalapeño peppers, pimientos, and chipotle pepper combine to make this hummus spicy enough to make your mouth sweat a little. 

It goes well with corn chips, especially the fancy blue ones, and will add some heat to any taco recipe. It definitely will put some pep in your step if added to your breakfast taco as suggested by Lantana Foods itself.

However, be warned this flavor is not for the faint of heart, which is why its not ranked higher. While tasty, its high heat level made it a little too spicy for me.

7. White Bean

The White Bean Hummus is one of Lantana's lighter flavors. Its flavor closely resembles that of normal hummus. However, their wholesome ingredients give it a fresh taste and texture that is unbeatable. The main ingredients are white beans, tahini, garlic, and pine nuts.

It tastes best on pretzels and crackers, but can also be used to give your lettuce wrap some added texture, as pictured above. However, this hummus's subtle flavor is not my style. It's not ranked higher because I found it a little bland, and in my opinion there are many other flavors out there that have more to offer.

6. Yellow Lentil

Yellow Lentil Hummus has a unique taste. It is a little spicy, which comes as no surprise because one of its main ingredients is jalapeños. This is still really well balanced with a sweet sunflower and apricot topping that make the heat easier to handle.  

This hummus has a bold flavor but is not quite one of my favorites. I often find myself only eating a little of it at a time or balancing its strong flavor with creamy avocado in a wrap or bowl.

If you decide to go for the Yellow Lentil Hummus, I would recommend you enjoy it on your veggie burger or as part of a burrito bowl.

5. Beet

This hummus tastes just as expected, like beets. This comes as no surprise given its second ingredient is beets. Other ingredients that give this yummy beet hummus its rich flavor include white beans, garlic, and vinegar. 

It goes great with wheat crackers and adds flavor to any salad that threatens to be bland. I think it tastes best used as a dipping sauce for homemade sweet potato fries.

4. Edamame

Edamame Hummus tastes just like the edamame you snack on as an appetizer at those fancy Asian food restaurants. It's made of edamame, white beans, roasted red peppers, tahini, garlic, and other ingredients. 

It goes great on carrots and can be added to a fresh garden salad to give flavor and texture. I love to include it in my current favorite dinner recipe, homemade Buddha bowls

3. Cucumber

The Cucumber Hummus has a fresh mild taste. Its main ingredients include cucumbers, white beans, edamame, and tahini. I love cucumbers, so naturally this hummus is one of my favorites.

It makes a great addition to any wrap. I love to add it to grilled veggie wraps with arugula, tomato, carrots, and yellow squash. 

2. Sriracha Carrot

The Sriracha Carrot Hummus is just the right amount of spicy and tastes just like sriracha sauce. Sriracha can improve any bland meal, and hummus is no exception.

Lantana has successfully combined the delicious taste of siracha we all love with the nutrictional value and thick, creamy texture of hummus. How can you not be a fan?

I especially love to spread it on my  veggie sandwiches. I typically just add tomato, spinach, carrot, broccoli sprouts, red bell pepper and hummus to a grainy whole wheat roll to create healthy sandwich perfect for any packed lunch.

1. Black Bean

The Black Bean Hummus is my favorite. It is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. It has a chipotle southwest flavor. Some of its main ingredients are black beans, tomato paste, tahini, tamari soy sauce, red peppers, corn, garlic, and pineapple.

I especially love to enjoy this hummus in taco salad and as a topping on homemade nachos. Also, when added to a veggie burger along with corn, avocado, and spinach it makes a seriously delicious southwest style sandwich. This combination alone is probably what makes this hummus by absolute favorite.

Well, hummus lovers, I hope this list gave you the answers you were looking for and encouraged you to try something new. For those new to the world of flavored hummus, I would recommend the Black Bean Hummus. However, whatever flavor you decide to try next, I doubt it will disappoint.