Getting my Wiscard was a pivotal moment– waiting in line, stressing over a smile that would last for the next 4 years, and listening as the printer churns out the plastic. However, your Wiscard is a lot more than entry into campus' many buildings. Turns out that your red and white card with your ugly SOAR picture unlocks countless food discounts from the dining halls to both the Unions. There are a lot of perks to being a UW Madison student, and it's time you consider your Wiscard as one of those perks. Here are the 5 best ways to spend money on your Wiscard.

5. Authentic Wisconsin Ice Cream

Channing Smith

Wisconsin is famous for its dairy, so it seems only fair that rich and creamy Wisconsin ice-cream should be made available to students around campus. Babcock scoops and pints are available around campus at The Daily Scoop, Babcock Dairy Store, Bean and Creamery, and Flamingo Run. All locations accept Wiscard. Why try just one flavor when you can try them all? 

4. Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Coming to Wisconsin, I was a little concerned about finding good, hearty, vegetarian food. However, I was pleased to discover a plethora of options at places like Urban Slice, Strada, Carte, and Harvest Grains, which all accept Wiscard. 

3. Delivery

UW-Madison recently paired with Tapingo, a mobile app you can use to order food ahead, or for delivery. Simply set up your Wiscard and have Gordon's or Urban Slice at your door in minutes. 

2. Pizza

Channing Smith

There's no shortage of good pizza in Madison, with spots like Ian's and PDR. However, sometimes there just no time or funds to indulge in a slice of classic mac 'n cheese, but you can enjoy a variety of pies on campus at the dining hall, Urban Slice, or Strada using your Wiscard. 

1. For handcrafted coffee

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Sarah Arora

I often indulge in $4 cup of coffee from Colectivo, but what's the need when you have fresh-brewed coffee available by Wiscard. When a $6 latte seems out-of-budget, grab your caffeine fix at the dining hall or Badger Market. 

Before you opt for eating out, don't sleep on locations accepting Wiscard because they are close by and offer discounts. Plus, there's just something so guilt-free about the swipe of a Wiscard, and only Badgers know the feeling.