Wisconsin isn't called the dairy state for nothing. Nestled in the heart of Madison are two of the most delicious pizza joints I've been to (growing up in New York, this is a big statement). When you ask a UW student where their favorite slice is from, they'll say either Pizza di Roma (PDR) or Ian's Pizza. The real question is, which pizzeria is truly better?

Pizza di Roma

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Location is key: Sitting at 313 State Street, PDR's location is ideal for any student who has just gone out to the bars or to a frat party near by. There's nothing like a cheesy ziti slice after a night full of sweet drinks and highly caloric beer.

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Seats for days: If you're with a big group of friends, PDR is where it's at. With an endless amount of seats, you can pile on in with your whole crew while stuffing your faces with their underrated fried ravioli.

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Not only does PDR have unique toppings (mac and cheese, pesto and meat lover are all recommended) but their menu includes a variety of other foods. Some delicious options range from chicken Parmesan to penne alla vodka. If you're vegan, they even offer a vegan slice, as well as vegan garlic rolls.

On That Late Night Sh*t: Did I mention PDR stays open until 3 am every single night? This is beyond important for any college student who just needs to late night munch after a big night out or after a long night of studying. 

Quick facts: PDR first opened as one of Madison's popular spots in 2000. The restaurant stays open from the hours of 10 am to 3 am. This pizza haven has over fifteen different slices, plenty of hot subs and a selection of salads. 

Ian's Pizza

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If Ian's Pizza on State Street wasn't close enough, don't worry. There is a second Ian's that waits for hungry customers on the corner of N Frances Street, close to Sellery and Witte. 

Dear Ian, whoever you are, I just want to thank you for perfecting the macaroni and cheese pie. The oozy, cheesy goodness in every bite truly makes the calorie load worth it. If you like spice, topping this triangle of heaven off with red pepper flakes makes it even better (as if you thought that were possible). 

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Each month, Ian's features limited-time only items. This way customers never get tired of the same old 'za! October's specials include the Drunken Ravioli, Chili Cheese Frito and Chicken Cordon Blue. The anticipation is real for the Thanksgiving Slice that loyal customers have been waiting for all year long.

The most important meal of the day: No, I'm not saying you have to eat a spinach and feta slice for breakfast if you go to Ian's at 8 am (unless you want to, of course). Through the months of April to November, Ian's on State serves a choice of breakfast slices. This is a great option after waking up with an intense hangover or after taking a lap around the Dance County Farmers' Market. They even serve coffee from Just Coffee Cooperative to complement your choice of six different slices.

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