If you're able to stop at just one slice of Ian's, you've got way more self-control than I do. Everything Ian's has to offer is mouthwatering, especially late on a Friday night, but take this quiz to see which of their cheesy flavors matches your personality. 

1. It's Friday night – what are you up to?

A. Watching movies and drinking wine with my roommates

B. On an adventure somewhere not on State Street

C. Running up Bascom before I hit the SERF

D. I usually don't remember

2. What's your go-to restaurant on State Street (other than Ian's, of course)?

A. Mooyah

B. Naf Naf Grill

C. Forage Kitchen

D. State Street Brats

3. Pick a favorite TV show.

A. The Office

B. Stranger Things 

C. The Biggest Loser

D. The Bachelorette

4. What condiment do you put on everything?

A. Ranch

B. Sriracha

C. No condiments for me

D. Is cheese a condiment?

5. What's your ideal Spring Break vacation?

A. Relaxing on the beach somewhere – NOT in Wisconsin

B. Exploring a country you've never been to

C. Skiing in Colorado

D. Cancún, or somewhere else I can get crazy

Mostly As: Mac and Cheese

You're a classic that everyone loves! Your friends can always count on you to be there for them, whether it's to relax after a long day of classes, to celebrate the end of exam week, or to party on the weekends. You may get a little bored with yourself sometimes since you're pretty laid-back, but it's easy to spice up your life by trying something new. Keep doing you!

Mostly Bs: Smokey the Bandit

You're adventurous and out there, always ready to have a good time and try new things! You can be an acquired taste – not everyone is able to keep up with your zest for life – but your friends know you're always the one to ask about that new restaurant, TV show, vacation destination, or Ian's flavor of the month. Never settle for ordinary!

Mostly Cs: Salad

You might drive your friends crazy sometimes with your healthy eating crazes and constant need to work out, but they know you just want the best for them. Let your guard down sometimes, and don't be afraid to treat yourself to a night off from the gym, a day away from the library, or a hot, cheesy slice of Ian's!

Mostly Ds: Drunken Ravioli

Your friends (and family) know you as a party animal. You are always up for a wild night out, but you don't always know when to tone it down and relax. You are tons of fun to hang out with and always make sure everyone with you has as crazy of a time as you do!

Regardless of which of these options speak to you most, definitely go and order one of each – Ian's will not let you down.