Summer means party and party means food. “I don’t care about the food at the party,” said no one ever. Good food means happy guests, and happy guests mean a happy (and popular) host.

So, you’re throwing a party (or even a small get-together with old friends) and are confused about what food should be served. Well, worry not, for we have prepared a list of some foods that are the basic secrets behind every rocking party.

There is theme food for theme parties, blingy food for freshers’ parties, classic family recipes for farewell parties, and everything else for the birthday parties–that is indeed the golden rule for food at parties. But then, there are certain food items that go along with any kind of party.

1. Chilli Potatoes


Photo by Aakanksha Joshi

Contrary to popular belief, these deep fried yellow potato chips are not a Chinese delicacy.

If you have girls coming over to a party, this is strictly a must; because it is a well known fact that nine out of ten girls cannot say no to chilli potatoes and might actually get upset if they don’t find these in the starters.

You can incorporate different flavors to give this popular dish a twist, click here for one such idea.

2. Confetti Cupcakes


Photo by Armin Nayak

Cupcake is a dessert which was probably invented just for parties. The confetti cupcake is a little twist to the conventional cupcake and adds sparkle to your party. It is a big hit, especially in parties celebrating new beginnings, like the freshers’ party for your juniors.

3. Nachos


Photo by Paavani Jain

Nachos with cheese dip or salsa are a necessity for any social gathering. Be it getting together with some friends for a beer, or throwing a big lavish party for the whole town on your 21st birthday, you simply cannot ignore these heavenly Mexican chips.

Find a mind-blowing shrimp nachos recipe here.

 4. Cheese and Corn Balls


Photo courtesy Of Denny’s

Cheese and corn are both all time favorites. These two come together to make this mouth watering and flavoursome dish, which is crunchy on the outside with a tender core.

Suggestion: serve this with hot chilli sauce and you have a crowd favorite.

5. Tornado Potato


Photo courtesy of

Move over the old paneer tikka, because Tornado Potato is here. Simple to make and easy to eat, these potatoes on sticks are finger lickin’ good.

These come in a variety of flavours such as spicy, garlic, salted etc.

Suggestion: the spicy Potato Tornado is a favorite among the first timers.

6. Biscuit Canapes


Photo courtesy of

Its beauty lies in its simplicity.

It is as simple as it can get. All you have to do is take some salted biscuits and add your favorite cheese and fruit; you have the liberty to choose what, where and how much. Better yet, you can ask your guests to choose the toppings themselves and make their own canapes.

Suggestion: Monaco biscuits are the best to make biscuit canapes.

8. Spring Rolls


Photo by Jessica Chu

If you are in a mood to party, this classic Chinese delicacy never fails you. It is easily available, it is delectable, and the best thing about it is that it really fits your budget and can still be served at the most elite parties.

Here is a guide for you to make this luxury at home.

9. Chicken Cutlets


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This a delicacy for all your non-vegetarian guests. The best thing about cutlets is that you can make them any way you want. Shape, size, texture no bar; let your creative side take over and create your very own food masterpiece in less than half an hour.

Suggestion: prepare vegetable cutlets for your vegetarian friends.