If you are a true ice cream devotee, you know that to get the best scoop, you need the best dairy. Lucky for UW Madison students, Babcock dairy is the best of the best, and has ice cream available around campus. I was first exposed to the beauty of Babcock during SOAR. I knew that the campus that cared this much about ice cream was the one for me. Two semesters later, I popped into Memorial Union's Daily Scoop to crown the best Babcock ice cream flavor. 

16. Grapefruit Mango Sherbert

If you're interested in eating what the inside of Bath and Body Works smells like, get the grapefruit mango sherbert. This numbingly fruity flavor is overpowering, and though the texture is smooth and creamy, the intense sweetness is a deal-breaker.  

15. Blue Moon 

I wasn't familiar with this flavor and was told it was a Midwest thing. Coming from the East Coast, I don't feel like I was missing out. This scoop was far artificial-tasting and painfully sugary. I should have guessed from the neon blue color.

14. Butter Pecan

Butter pecan doesn't necessarily taste bad. It doesn't taste like much at all. Though it is nutty and soft, it doesn't have enough flavor to bring it to the top 10. 

13. Chocolate Turtle

Babcock's chocolate ice cream is undoubtedly mouth-watering, but the addition of nuts and a little caramel was underwhelming. However, this is a Babcock Premium flavor, so it's free of any traces of beef. Vegetarians, this one's for you.

12. Vanilla

If someone says their favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla, it's not always a good sign. But, if they say their favorite flavor is Babcock vanilla, hear them out. A classically dull flavor, Babcock's vanilla has a certain pop and creaminess. Plus, you can add whatever toppings you want.

11. Chocolate

You can't go wrong with chocolate because it's a classic. However, Babcock offers more fun and complex flavors, pushing this one towards the bottom of the list. 

10.  Orange Custard Chocolate Chip 

The combination of orange and chocolate is unexpected, but definitely takes home a Top 10 award. The orange base tastes gives you the nostalgia of a Creamsicle, and the chocolate chips add a surprise hint of sweetness. 

9. Cookie Dough

All we want is a cookie dough ice cream with real cookie dough chunks– none of that fake sh**! Babcock's cookie dough flavor delivers with the perfect balance of cookie goodness and creamy vanilla. 

8. Union Utopia

Sarah Arora

Caramel, fudge, and peanut butter come together in harmony in Union Utopia. Honestly, you'll feel like you're in a different world when you eat this one. However, though the flavors mingle well, it fell short and was a little bland. Nutty, but we didn't go nuts for it.

7. Angel Food

Birthday cake meets fresh strawberry in this Babcock original. I'm not sure I could eat a full bowl, but a few bites were surely enjoyable. 

6.  Mocha Macchiato 

This isn't your average coffee ice cream; it's sweeter, fuller, and has more texture. If I could substitute a scoop for my morning coffee, I would. Actually, I will do that because who's judging?

5. Chocolate Peanut Butter

Classic chocolate with a chunky, peanut butter swirl? Yes, please. This chocolate-PB marriage is a popular choice that definitely lives up to the hype. Whenever I'm craving both Reese's and ice cream (which happens often), this is my answer. 

4. Strawberry

This light and refreshing flavor certainly made the top 5. The chunks of strawberry add a balanced texture without overpowering the flavor. 

3. Blueberry Swirl 

I'm not usually one to go for fruity flavors, but the blueberry swirl is the perfect fusion of tart and sweet. The blueberry is subtle yet flavorful, without the taste of fake fruit or preservatives. 

2. Badger Blast 

Channing Smith

This isn't your classic chocolate ice cream. The chocolate is dark and rich with the chocolate chips, which add the perfect crunch. It deserves the title of "Badger Blast" because it'll make a good impression on all future Badgers. 

1. Mint Chocolate Cookie

Mint chocolate cookie takes the top prize. Both silky and refreshing, mint chip cookie is light while indulging your chocolate tooth. The cookie chunks and ice-cream are perfectly balanced, coming together in perfect creamy unity. 

As a self-declared ice cream connoisseur, I believe that you really can't go wrong with any Babcock ice cream flavor. Whether it's enjoying a frozen scoop on the frozen lake, or finishing a Freshman 15 on Bascom Hill, nothing beats some good ol' Wisco dairy.