It's that time of the semester where everyone is bombarded with homework and midterms. I know that after studying for a while, I always start to crave something sweet. Luckily I go to a school that is close to a bunch of bakeries, ice cream shops, brunch places, and candy shops to get my much-needed sugar fix. 

1. The Daily Scoop

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Lauren Lamothe

Located in Union South and Memorial Union, Daily Scoop is a favorite for both students and visitors alike. Stick with the classic Babcock ice cream flavors like Union Utopia and Cookie Dough or maybe try something new, like Grasshopper. 

2. Gigi's Cupcakes

buttercream, cake, chocolate, cupcake
Sarah Arora

Located at Hilldale Shopping Center near Cafe Porta Alba and Macy's, Gigi's has gourmet cupcakes that are perfect for all those sweet cravings. My favorite one has to be Orange Cranberry, but it's still hard to choose just one.

3. Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream

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Lauren Lamothe

Chocolate Shoppe (located on State St.) is definitely a MadTown favorite no matter how cold it gets. They always have tons of classic as well as seasonal ice cream flavors. Give yourself like 10 minutes to decide which flavor to get, or just treat yo self and get 'em all. 

4. Dough Baby Bakery

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Brandon Fishman

Dough Baby Bakery is conveniently located on State Street, conveniently close to campus. They have unique doughnut flavors made with natural and organic ingredients and use the healthiest oil (coconut oil) for deep-frying, so you can feel a little bit less guilty about that craving. 

5. Insomnia Cookies

dough, candy, cake, goody, pastry, cookie, sweet, chocolate
Lauren Lamothe

Insomnia Cookies is not unique to Madison, but I had to include it, since it's a favorite. Ordering warm cookies at 2am is the way to make your all-nighter a little brighter. From oatmeal raisin to s'more, Insomnia Cookies can satisfy all those sugar cravings. Plus they deliver. 

6. Short Stack Eatery

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Lauren Lamothe

Short Stack Eatery makes breakfast and only breakfast. And you can get it pretty much any time of the day. If you're really craving something sweet and over-the-top, try their sweet potato oatmeal pancakes, complete with maple bourbon mascarpone and strawberries.

7. Chocolaterian Cafe

cream, hot chocolate, cappuccino, espresso, chocolate, tea, milk, coffee
Madison Erlandson

Chocolaterian is all about you guessed it: chocolate. The cafe menu includes ugly cookies (which actually taste amazing), Parisian Hot Chocolate (above), and tons of other baked goodies. 

8. Greenbush Bakery

Every UW-Madison student should be familiar with Greenbush doughnuts. But not many people know that Greenbush is actually the only certified kosher bakery in Madison. They have over 40 varieties of donuts that are served seven days a week to satisfy all your cravings. 

9. Michael's Frozen Custard

Michael's Frozen Custard is the childhood favorite of many Madison residents. It is home of Michael's Famous Turtle Sundae. They also have a featured daily flavor for those of you who like to change it up each visit. 

10. Kilwins

Kilwins is a popular fudge shop located on State Street. They have chocolate-covered everything from pretzels to strawberries to apples. They also have hand-crafted sweet popcorns and brittles for you to devour. 

11. DLux 

granola, muesli, milk, yogurt
Lauren Lamothe

DLux has all the college-student favorites such as cheese curds, burgers, and nachos. To satisfy that sweet tooth, they have rich and creamy milkshakes of all different flavors including vanilla coconut, red velvet, and toasted marshmallow. 

12. Asian Sweet Bakery

If you're looking for a new sweet treat to try, Asian Sweet Bakery is the place to visit. Asian Sweet Bakery is Madison's first Chinese bakery. They have tons of lunch options as well as traditional Chinese desserts that will definitely satisfy that sweet tooth. 

13. Hurts Donut

cake, peanut butter, cookie, peanut, chocolate
Lauren Ross

Hurts Donut is open 25 hours a day, 8 days a week (not a typo). It's located in Middleton a little further from campus, but it's totally worth the trip. They have unique doughnuts that will always put a smile on your face.

14. Marigold Kitchen

Marigold Kitchen is truly a unique Maison experience. Their mission is to serve you the best brunch possible. If you're really in the mood for something sweet, there are plenty of pastries and pancakes served with pure Wisconsin maple syrup. 

15. Maurie's Fine Chocolates

Maurie's is a hidden gem located on Monroe Street. They have speciality chocolate treats including almond bark, English Toffee, and colorful truffles. 

If you're really craving something sweet, go on an adventure and try something new. And make midterms just a little sweeter.