Chapel Hill is a brag-worthy town, from the rolling quads to raucous basketball games, and of course, great food that ranges from cheap eats to renowned restaurants. Instead of stressing over where to take your friend when they're only here for a couple of days, check out this list and go somewhere that fits their personality perfectly. They'll start planning their next trip before even leaving Franklin St.

The Tradition-Obsessed Friend: Sutton's Drug Store

Sutton's has been around since 1923, and although it's no longer a pharmacy, the greasy food and down-to-earth vibes has it packed on a daily basis.

There are friends who live by your traditions together, from eating way too much cookie dough at sleepovers to always getting breakfast at that place down the street. Add Sutton's to that long list of traditions, because there's nothing more classic than this CH joint. 

The Camp Friend: Al's Burger Shack

You might not share a bunk anymore, but you and your camp friend will always share a love of unpretentious vibes and food that doesn't come from the cafeteria. Al's picnic benches make it feel like summer no matter the temperature outside, and the friendly faces and dang good burgers will bring you back to the good ole days.

The Friend Who's Always Looking to be Impressed: Lucha Tigre

How are the green beans so crispy and delicious? How do they make General Tso's chicken that's 100x better than the heavily breaded stuff from takeout? How did they make Asian-Mexican fusion work?? Seriously, if you find the answers to these questions, let me know.

The Insomniac: Sup Dogs

Open until 3 am Thursday through Saturday, Sup Dogs is the best place to take your friend who just won't go the f*ck to sleep. Linger over orders of cheesy tots and hot dogs smothered in Sup Dog Sauce while you regale all-nighters from years past.

The Health Nut: Med Deli

Break your health nut free from their boring salad chains with some falafel, tzatziki, and a veggie-based side that'll make you forget you're actually eating vegetables. That Mediterranean diet, am I right?

The Frat Star: Pantana Bob's

Your frat star friend will love the outdoor patio that's prime for day drinking and warm nights, plus Bob's pub food means y'all never have to leave this notoriously fratty bar. It's a win-win situation.

The Friend Who Would Rather Drink than Eat: He's Not Here

Speaking of bars, we all have some (unfortunate) friends who couldn't care less about food as long as they have a good beer. He's Not's outdoor seating and big blue cups make it the perfect place for this friend. Grab some YoPo on the way if you, like a normal human being, can't actually go without food.

The Friend Who's Never Been to the South: Crook's Corner

As a native New Yorker turned biscuits and gravy lover, I don't think there's a better homegrown southern restaurant in CH than Crook's. Go with the signature shrimp and grits and finish it off with Bill Smith's Atlantic Beach Pie (which blew up the internet two summers ago, nbd), and your friend will hail southern food for the rest of his or her life. This is definitely a more expensive restaurant, though, so save it for your foodie friend who wants the best taste of the south they can get.

The Friend Who's Always on Insta: Merritt's

This old gas station turned into BLT heaven is a must for anyone visiting Chapel Hill, but especially for your friend who's always looking to get a good pic for Insta. Have your bud go for double or triple bacon on sourdough (additional add-ons recommended), take a mouthwatering pic, and proceed to cry at their first bite. 

The Sweet Tooth: Maple View Farm Ice Cream

A true dessert lover will revel in this ice cream joint that's a scenic drive from campus. Sit in a rocking chair on the porch and enjoy views of the farm while eating some of Maple View's freshest.

The Granola Friend: Weaver Street Market

Weaver Street is a co-op grocery store with a great hot food section. Take your super susty friend and let them peruse the bulk bins while you grab a table under a tree outside. I recommend going for brunch, where you can get some great tortilla scrambled eggs – or tofu scramble if you're feeling the earthy vibes.

The Crazy Friend: Benny Cappella's

Many wild nights out end with Benny's, where the only thing that will sop up all the alcohol in your stomach is a humongous slice of pizza. It's hectic in there at 2 am, but your crazy friend will love the crowded, drunken vibes.

The Friend Who Studied Abroad in Italy: 411 West

Did your friend drink wine along the Tuscan countryside? Did he or she aperitivo religiously? Eat lingering three or four-course meals? 411 is the place for your friend to relive those slower days, especially if they don't mind paying a little extra for the dream.

Go forth, hit up these joints, and remember that it's always a GDTBATH.