Ahh yes, it’s that time of year again when all the heels are marching back on to campus to take on another year at the greatest school on Earth. The Old Well is looking extra majestic, the bricks are more uneven than ever, and flocks of nervous first-years are wandering around campus, full of awe.

If you’re returning this year, chances are the food scene in Chapel Hill is something you’re more than happy to be reunited with—from I Love NY Pizza to Yopo…you can’t wait to get your hands on some good grub. So we’ve created this guide to give you a little refresher, and give incoming first-years lots of food to look forward to.

Here’s where to go when:

1. You need greasy food at 2 AM: Sup Dogs

chapel hill

Photo by Sara Tane

First-years will soon learn that Sup Dogs is the place to be at 2 AM on a Thursday night. Chances are it’ll be packed and you’ll have to push your way in for a table. #insidertip: order your food to go and after everyone on the P2P stares at you in jealousy, you can have a tot party with your roommate back in your dorm room.

What to order: It’s kinda hard to go wrong here. If you’re looking for a classic late night greasy dish, definitely go for the cheesy tots. But then again there’s also bacon cheese fries, jalapeno popper tots, and the purple and gold macho nachos.

Location: 107 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC, 27516 (6 minute walk from the Old Well)

2. You’re sick of Starbucks: Looking Glass

chapel hill

Photo courtesy of @sarahebonn on Instagram

Starbucks is a great spot to study and/or grab a coffee, but sometimes it can get a little redundant. Switch up your routine and go to the Looking Glass, a cute café that’s tucked away in Carrboro. It’s better to get there early in the morning if you’re tryna study because it fills up pretty quickly with other students focused with headphones in.

What to order: Grab a coffee and one of their paninis that change daily. There’s nothing like enjoying a warm and gooey provolone and turkey sandwich while trying to forget the fact that you might actually fail your chemistry final.

Location: 601 W Main St, Carrboro, NC, 27510 (8 minute drive from the Old Well)

3. You need to grab lunch for $10 between classes: Alpine

chapel hill

Photo courtesy of @spoon_unc on Instagram

Alpine is the go-to spot right after your first class in the morning and in between your afternoon classes. Grab a table to socialize with friends or nibble away on a couch while you put the last minute finishing touches on your presentation.

What to order: My personal fav is the Tuscan turkey—turkey with lettuce, tomato, provolone, onion, and pesto all on herb focaccia.

Location: 3103 South Road, Chapel Hill, NC, 27599 (In the Union)

4. Your parents are visiting and they’re footing the bill: Top of the Hill

chapel hill

Photo courtesy of gfreegirl_ on Instagram

This classic Chapel Hill icon is the perfect place to get your parents to take you. Sit outside and eat at sunset while you take in the stunning view of Franklin Street. And of course, marvel at the menu which pictures thousands of students rushing Franklin Street after the 2005 National Championship game.

What to order: The brie mac n’ cheese—creamy mac n’ cheese with broccoli, tomatoes, cashews, and pesto.

Location: 505c W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC, 27516 (6 minute walk from the Old Well)

5. You want to watch the game: Carolina Brewery

chapel hill

Photo courtesy of @phenomenal_foodtravels on Instagram

To be honest, this was a close call with Old Chicago and their 16 big screen TVs. But Carolina Brewery has the slight advantage when it comes to watching games because you can make reservations, unlike Old Chicago. It’s a great atmosphere where you’ll certainly chime into several UNC chants.

What to order: Get the Brewery Nachos to share with the table and then the Quesadillas for yourself.

Location: 460 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 (16 minute walk from the Old Well)

6. You’re craving a slice: I Love NY Pizza

chapel hill

Photo courtesy of @lauraallisonnc on Instagram

This is a tough one since Benny Capella’s is new to town and is pretty darn delicious with their jumbo slices, but I Love NY Pizza is the OG go-to pizza place and deserves to still get some love. Maybe I’m biased since some of my greatest memories of freshman year were in I Love NY Pizza. Grab a slice when you’re on Franklin, and definitely make friends with the owners—they’ve been there for years and are some of the friendliest people ever.

What to order: A slice of your favorite pizza and of course, the MVP, garlic knots.

Location: 106 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC, 27516 (7 minute walk from the Old Well)

7. You’re trying to be romantic: 411 West

chapel hill

Photo by Sara Tane

Take your significant other (or Tinder date) to this Italian Cafe on Franklin Street. Their food is inspired by both Italian and Mediterranean cuisines with a Californian twist. They make their own pasta in-house and make all of their pizzas in wood-fired oven that’s imported from Italy. And of course they’ve got all the romantic essentials–dim lighting, smooth jazz music–the whole shebang.

What to order: Start off with some Bruschetta or Deep Fried Calamari and then order the Chicken Parmesan for your main course.

Location: 411 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC, 27516 (14 minute walk from the Old Well)

8. You need a good burger: Al’s Burger Shack

chapel hill

Photo by Cara Hutto

Al’s has the best burgers in town hands down. There is no match to the juicy local beef and homemade fries. Maybe that’s why they’ve won Best New Restaurant, Best Burgers In The South, and Top 5 Burgers Of All Time. It’s the best place to come on a lazy afternoon and enjoy a burger outside on one of their picnic benches.

What to order: Get Sean’s Bacon Cheddarburger and a side of the to-die-for crispy crinkle cut fries that are topped with sea salt and rosemary.

Location: 516 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC, 27516 (17 minute walk from the Old Well)

9. Your sweet tooth kicks in: Yogurt Pump

chapel hill

Photo by Maggie Engellenner

Affectionately known as Yopo, you will soon fall in love with this place if you’ve never been. Even if you’re not familiar with the delicious frozen yogurt itself, you’re definitely familiar with seeing the line curve outside the door. They change their flavors daily and they never disappoint. But beware, once you fall in love, you might catch yourself going here multiple times per week. #insidertip: save your receipts because once you collect 10, you get a free small cup of frozen yogurt.

What to get: If it’s your first time, try the Oreo swirled with French Vanilla and add some toppings like chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles.

Location: 106 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC, 27516 (7 minute walk from the Old Well)

10. You’re tryna get your brunch on: Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe

chapel hill

Photo courtesy of @lenazoyav on Instagram

Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe opened in 1972 and has been killin’ the brunch game ever since. Be prepared to wait in a line but don’t worry cause it moves fairly quickly. The warm environment and friendly staff will make you feel right at home.

What to order: Well of course you have to try a waffle at Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe. Get the waffle combo–one waffle with an egg any style and your choice of bacon or sausage. Definitely do forget to spruce up your waffle with M&Ms, blueberries, or cinnamon apples.

Location: 173 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514 (4 minute walk from the Old Well)

11. You need some good sushi: Spicy 9

chapel hill

Photo courtesy of @maggzbee on Instagram

Whether it be birthdays or formal events, this is the go-to restaurant for celebrations. The atmosphere is always lively and you’re bound to see a few people you know. For a truly fun experience, make sure you include sake bombs in your meal.

What to order: Use the buy one get one free roll deal–get the Yummy Yummy Roll and the Sin City Roll.

Location: 140 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC, 27516 (9 minute walk from the Old Well)

12. You’re doing it for the Insta: Merritt’s

chapel hill

Photo by Sara Tane

This list wouldn’t be complete without Merritt’s and it’s glorious BLT’s. Merritt’s has been serving up their well-known BLT’s and other sandwiches since 1929. The store has a great outdoor patio that’s notorious for being the background scenery for numerous Instagrams. So put your sandwich in the air and get your Insta game on.

What to order: Obviously you’ve gotta get a BLT. Make it a double or add some guac–whatever you do you won’t be disappointed.

Location: 1009 S Columbia St, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514