With graduation season coming up, and everyone heading into new beginnings, the celebratory deals are starting, too. It’s finally going to be time to face the hard goodbyes, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it empty-handed. These food freebies are the perfect treat to take along on your nostalgic last campus walk with your college friends. I mean, who would want to cry without a blizzard or donut in hand? These are the best food freebies and deals for grads this year.

Krispy Kreme

Now through the end of May, we can count on Krispy Kreme to celebrate this milestone with you with a box of dozen donuts for free. The only catch is that grads have to go in the store with their cap and gown. But who wouldn’t want to keep their cap and gown on for the rest of the day? It’s not over ‘till it’s over. The glazed donuts seem like the perfect cure for an incoming mid-life crisis.


The last graduating class of 2022 were rewarded with a free drink at Chipotle after showing their student ID. Now, the class of 2023 can use their student ID card for one last time before storing it away in a memory box. Treat yourself to a nice, cold machine lemonade while downing a burrito. Eating when you’re sad is always good for the soul.

#SpoonTip: Here’s how to get a whole meal at Chipotle for only $4. 


I’ve only ever heard of Whataburger when I moved to my college town so this is going to be a nostalgic one. But if the free shirts we constantly get on campus isn’t enough, Whataburger is selling Class of 2023 shirts and if you buy one, you can get a table tent in return. The small poster-like sign with the ‘23 in the middle as a reminder would be so cute. Who knows? Maybe you’ll want this tent for a future tailgate when your class reunites.

Pizza Hut

Towards the end of May, Pizza Hut gives one free medium pizza to each grad in the United States who orders through their Pizza Hut rewards account. All you have to do is fill out a form agreeing to the terms. You can also add a topping and choose between thin or original crust. Now this is the one you’re going to want to order with your college friends and stay up eating as you retell all the favorite memories. 

Baskin Robbins

For Class of 2023, Baskin Robbins has brought out a whole new cake design. There are so many ways to customize the cake, and it could even mimic the shape of a diploma and include personal pictures. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Because last school year at the end of May, they also offered grads a free Pre-Packed Quart of ice cream if they made a purchase of $30 or more from the store online. While they do this every year, all grads are anticipating this much needed announcement again.