What is the best part about spring? Is it Peeps, Cadbury eggs, and jelly beans? Is it bunnies, daffodils, and ducklings? Or could it be Krispy Kreme’s new bunny, daffodil, and duckling shaped doughnuts. This spring, Krispy Kreme is releasing new limited edition spring-themed mini doughnuts.  

What types of doughnuts does Krispy Kreme have for spring?

The Krispy Kreme spring doughnuts come in three adorable flavors: Mini Bouncing Bunny, Mini Diving Duck, and Mini Daffodil.

Photo by Krispy Kreme

All three use the normal mini glazed doughnut as the base. The Mini Bouncing Bunny uses green icing, a bit of vanilla buttercream frosting as a tail, and two sugar pieces as the bunny feet to make the doughnut look like a bunny bouncing on grass. 

The Mini Diving Duck is covered in blue icing with a bit of yellow buttercream as a ducktail and two orange buttercream duck feet to make the doughnut look like it is a duckling diving into the water. Following on the same trend, the Mini Daffodil uses yellow and orange icing and yellow sanding sugar to transform the doughnut into a flower.

Where can I purchase the mini doughnuts?

These doughnuts are available for purchase in 16-count boxes at your local Krispy Kreme store. The box contains three Mini Bouncing Bunnies, three Mini Diving Ducks, three Mini Daffodils, and four Mini Original Glazed Doughnuts. You can also find eight-count boxes at many Walmart, Kroger, Food Lion, and Publix.

Checkout Krispy Kreme’s website for more information on where you can find these doughnuts near you!