Growing up I usually gave up candy and desserts for Lent, and every year I eagerly awaited Easter Sunday and my Easter basked filled with goodies. To me, no candy screams Easter quite like Peeps. If you've only ever eaten Peeps straight up, you're missing out. They can be mixed into a so many different deserts that are perfect to celebrate Easter with. Here's a list of Peeps recipes that will have your taste buds screaming Easter all spring long. 

1. Peeps S'mores Dip

Why have chips and dip when you can have Peeps s'mores dip? This Peeps recipe is a fun way to incorporate Peeps into a dessert without going too overboard. You can have as little as one little bit of graham cracker, or as much as the entire skillet. 

2. Peeps Carrot Cake Cupcakes

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Kristine Mahan

Not only are these Peeps cupcakes adorable to look at, but they're also a sweet surprise for anyone who takes a bite into them. They're super fun and incredibly easy to make, and can easily be personalized using your favorite candies and decorations.

3. Chocolate-Covered Peeps

Like chocolate-covered strawberries, but better! Chocolate-covered Peeps are one of the simplest Peeps recipes, but also one of the cutest. These can be made for any occasion all year long, and can even be a fun addition to some hot chocolate in the colder winter months. Add a little special touch to this desert by rolling them in sprinkles to make them even more delectable.

4. Peeps Blondies

These Peeps blondies are the jackpot of Easter deserts. There are an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to these desserts and what to add. Add whatever your heart desires from Peeps to Cadbury eggs to chocolate chips. The sky is the limit when it comes to these blondies! 

5. Peeps Shaped Pancakes

While these Peeps-shaped pancakes don't technically include Peeps in them, they're an adorable way to start the morning. Make pancake batter as you usually would, but for the Peeps look add some fun bright food coloring. They even sell Peeps-shaped silicon trays (like an ice tray for pancakes) to shape the pancakes into the perfect little bunny shape.

6. Peeps-Filled Pancakes

If having Peeps shaped pancakes just is not enough, try these Peeps-filled pancakes. Make your favorite pancake batter and chop up some Peeps. Add them to the batter after pouring it into the pan, just like you would chocolate chips or your favorite fruit. Dig into these pancakes and get a burst of gooey sweetness with every bite you take. 

7. Peeps S'mores

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Lily Stephens

Just when you thought s'mores could not get any better, someone came up with the incredible idea of Peeps s'mores. Substitute your regular marshmallow for a Peep and see how much your tastebuds thank you. Really spice things up and use a Reese's instead of chocolate. And if it's too cold for a fire pit outside, there's always the fireplace or the microwave (because everyone is fascinated watching the marshmallow grow five times in size before the timer goes off). 

8. Peeps Milkshakes

Not only are these Peeps milkshakes garnished with a Peep, but they're also toped with marshmallow fluff. These are simple and fun to make with all kinds of different food colorings. To go the extra mile, use fluff to rim the glass and roll it in sprinkles to match the color of your milkshake. 

9. Peeps Brownie Bomb

These Peeps brownie bombs are one of the coolest deserts I have seen using Peeps (maybe even one of the coolest desserts in general). The brownie bombs are brownies covered in white chocolate and filled with a Peep on the inside. Talk about a pleasant surprise when you bite into this little ball of goodness. Even better, the brownie bombs are small in size, which means it's totally okay to eat five—or ten—of them! 

10. Peeps Cake

This Peeps cake is the perfect Easter version of a cake that's all over Pinterest. It also makes it easy to cut the perfectly even sized piece for every person (every person gets a whole Peep!). There are plenty of options for this cake as well— cover the top in chocolate eggs, M&Ms, or whatever your heart desires.

11. Peeps Rice Krispies Treats

These Peeps rice krispies treats will make the child in anyone shout for joy. Use all your favorite colors of Peeps and make a few batches, and combine them to make a colorful masterpiece. Take these to the next level by putting a stick in them and creating a rice krispies treat pop. 

12. Peeps Dirt Cup

An Easter twist on a childhood favorite, these Peeps dirt cups won't fail to impress. They can be made according to any personal preferences. You can use cake as the dirt, Oreos as the dirt, or even pudding. Top off the dirt with green frosting or even colored coconut shavings and some chocolate eggs and a Peep. 

13. Peeps Fruit Kabobs

Want to balance out all the sugary Easter treats? Try combining your Peeps with fruit to make a Peeps fruit kabob. The Peeps are a nice, sugary treat to find in a kabob after all the fruit is gone. Nothing says a balanced meal like a Peep in the middle of your fruit kabob.

14. Peeps Cheesecake

This Peeps cheesecake is a simple and easy recipe to make that anyone will enjoy. Not only will you impress all of the kids, but the adults will be loving this too. These cheesecakes are brightly colored and can be toped with your favorite colored Peep and a dollop of delicious homemade whipped cream and sprinkles. Nothing says spring fever like some spring colored cheesecakes

15.  Peeps Jello Cups

The only things this Peeps Jello cup recipe requires is some Jello, cool whip, food coloring, and Peeps. These would also be awesome for any spring or summertime dessert—why just limit yourself to one holiday?

With all of these Peeps recipes in mind, it's time to get the oven going and stock up on Peeps at the grocery store. When you're getting ready for Easter this year, don't forget to introduce your family, and their Easter baskets, to one of these adorable Peeps recipes.