If you imagine eating out, eating healthy, and eating cheap to be a three-circle Venn diagram, it’s probably going to be pretty hard thinking of some options that land right in the middle.

Chipotle can be a great option for eating out while eating healthy. You get to watch the crew prepare your meal right in front of you as you pick from an assortment of proteins, fresh vegetables, and extra toppings. But Chipotle can also get a little pricey, especially when you start adding extra scoops of guacamole or dollops of sour cream to your bowl or burrito. Sure, you might get a filling meal at the end, but there are other ways to get some Chipotle without making your pockets hurt. Here's how to eat at Chipotle for cheap.

How to eat at Chipotle for cheap

On TikTok, Naomi Burtt shares how she gets a filling meal at Chipotle for only $4 by ordering off the children’s menu. She starts off with a kid’s quesadilla with just cheese. You might be skeptical at hearing that ordering off the kid’s menu is going to be a satisfying meal, but hear me out: the kid’s quesadilla at Chipotle also comes with a side of rice and beans, plus an option to choose between fruit or kid’s chips.

With rice, beans, and a quesadilla, you could make yourself a loaded quesadilla or make a mini bowl and a quesadilla. After ordering a side of chicken and a side of pico, Burtt has all the ingredients for her mini Chipotle bowl. Mixing the rice, beans, chicken, and pico together, she has herself a mini Chipotle bowl to go along with her kid’s quesadilla. For just $4, she ends up with a quesadilla, a bowl, and a side of chips to complement them.

Here's how much that would cost eating off the regular menu.

A Chipotle bowl (for adults) can range anywhere from $8.85 to $10.60, not including tax or any additional toppings like guac. For $4, Burtt shows that you can potentially take off more than half the cost of a bowl, plus get chips and a quesadilla along with your mini Chipotle bowl.

The next time you’re looking to creatively save some money on your Chipotle order, think about using this hack to order off of the kid’s menu along with plenty of sides. And don’t forget to thank the Chipotle crew for their time and patience!