For me, any time is a good time to get a burrito. Even in the dead of winter, a burrito — or my go-to burrito bowl — is a delicious meal, and there’s always a Chipotle nearby if I want to indulge. But for Chipotle, it’s time to start ramping up preparations for what they call “burrito season,” their “busiest time of year, running from March to May.” 

In a press release, the chain announced a hiring campaign attempting to attract 15,000 new workers to locations across the country. The campaign centers around Chipotle employees and will feature documentary-style ads that “pull back the foil,” showing the greater public what it's like to work at one of their locations and how they provide their employees with opportunities for advancement.

Although the upcoming burrito apocalypse is one of the reasons Chipotle is looking to hire, they also claim that the need for more workers is due to their plans for expansion and their practice of promoting crew members to management positions. According to their statement, 90% of those in management roles within their restaurants came from internal promotions last year, making the need for crew members even more necessary. The chain is also hoping that the programs it provides employees — like its education assistance program — will be a draw as well.

In tandem with the arrival of burrito season comes the arrival of the infamous fajita hack found all over TikTok — but now it’s coming straight to your Chipotle app. TikTok creator @alexis.frost sent the hack to stardom back in December, but earlier this month announced in partnership with the chain that customers would be able to order their favorite fajita right from the comfort of their home through the Chipotle app. No more waiting in long store lines to get a steak quesadilla with fajita veggies and extra cheese. And in theory, those 15,000 new workers should be able to keep up with what will be a massive demand.

While the company was fully serious in calling the next few months “burrito season,” social media has had a field day with the phrase — SNL’s Colin Jost even joked about it on last Saturday’s edition of the “Weekend Update.” Personally, I’ll be looking forward to burrito season.