The Great North American Eclipse is happening on April 8. This is the last total solar eclipse visible in the Lower 48 states until 2044, and the path of totality is traveling smack-dab across 13 U.S. states. Viewing a total solar eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people, so if you’re one of the 31 million Americans living in the path of totality and you haven’t started planning your eclipse party, you might want to get on it. The awe-inspiring experience is worth a little fanfare, which can mean only one thing…themed snacks! Whether you’re planning an eclipse road trip or simply stepping out into your yard, these eclipse-themed snacks and drinks ensure your experience will be ‘totality’ delicious.

Black & White Cookies

As totality approaches in a solar eclipse, the moon slowly covers more and more of the sun. It’s just like a black & white cookie, except the black section keeps growing until it covers the whole thing. Kind of. On that note, black-and-white cookies are delicious and perfect for your eclipse party. And if you want to be especially extra, you could even make them yourself and ice them with the phases of the eclipse.

Crescent Rolls

During a total solar eclipse, crescent-shaped shadows appear on the ground because of cool science reasons that I will not attempt to explain. The point is, it’s literally amazing, and you know what else is amazing? Crescent rolls. They’re super easy to make, and can be stuffed with so many delicious things, from hot dogs for pigs-in-a-blanket to nutella for a sweet treat.

Eclipse Charcuterie

A themed charcuterie board is the perfect customizable eclipse party snack spread. It’s easy to graze on during all the excitement, and you can be as extra as you want — I’m thinking cheese and veggies cut in moon and star shapes, devilled eggs to represent the sun, black olives for the moon, and maybe even some eclipse cheese (it’s a thing!). Or, if you don’t have the patience to cut star-shaped veggies (same), just throw out some moon cheese and circular crackers — I promise people will still love it.

Eclipse Pizza

Pizza is the perfect delicious circular base for all kinds of eclipse-themed topping fun. Cover it in olives to represent totality like this Reddit user (or leave a crescent of cheese for monsters who don’t like olives). Cut pepperoni to represent the phases, and call it an “eclipse-eroni” pie. Top it with a sunny side up egg for a solar touch. Totality may only last around four minutes, but the pizza topping possibilities are endless.

Corona Beer

The word corona has gained some negative associations in recent years, to say the least. But in eclipse terms, the corona is simply a gaseous envelope of the sun, which is only visible during a solar eclipse. It’s probably the most iconic part of a total eclipse — that luminescent glow surrounding the moon as it blocks the sun. And it’s even better taken in while drinking an ice-cold Corona beer.

Blue Moon Beer

The moon completely blocks our view of the sun during a total solar eclipse. So, If Corona isn’t your favorite but you still want an on-theme beer, pick up a classic Blue Moon. This citrusy ale is brewed with Valencia orange peels for a subtle sweetness. Some say it’s a good beer for people who hate beer, and I think it’s pretty delicious (for a beer).

Blue Moon Ice Cream

Blue Moon ice cream is a bright blue, mysteriously flavored midwestern favorite. Depending on who you ask, it tastes like marshmallows, pineapple, bubblegum, or maybe amaretto. Just like an eclipse, it is a mysterious phenomenon that no two people experience in the same way, but everyone enjoys it. Pick up a pint or two to celebrate the eclipse in sweet style.