I love finding new snacks. It's my mission every time I enter a grocery store. On my latest scavenger hunt, I found a snack that would intrigue any cheese lover—Moon Cheese. Moon Cheese is a low carb and gluten-free cheese snack that's packed with cheesy flavor without artificial additives and preservatives. These little cheese puffs are 100% natural, a good source of calcium, and high in protein

My favorite thing about Moon Cheese is the ingredients, or I should say, ingredient. Their cheese puffs only have one ingredient: cheese. So how do they make these cheese puffs so crunchy? Great question. They use a special patented machine that removes all of the moisture from the cheese while leaving behind a crunchy snack with all the nutrition and flavor of cheese.

Moon Cheese sells three flavors on a regular basis—Pepper Jack, Gouda, and Cheddar—and, from time to time, they release a limited edition flavor such as Sriracha or Mozzarella. 

So far I have tried both Mozzarella and Cheddar, and the minute I opened the package, the delicious smell of cheese hit my nose. Not only do these asteroid shaped bites have a mouthwatering aroma, they taste just like regular block cheese but with a nice crunch factor. Something I think all cheese lovers will appreciate greatly. 

Unlike regular cheese, Moon Cheese does not require refrigeration, even after the package is opened, making them a great snack for any camping trip and picnic. And while Moon Cheese is a great treat on its own, it makes other dishes taste even better. Add them to your next cheese board, sprinkle over some tomato soup, or even throw them into a salad as a substitute for croutons. 

You can order Moon Cheese online or check out their website to find a store that sells them near you. One taste of these crunchy cheese bites will take you're tastebuds on a journey that's out of this world.