Today is your day if you’ve always dreamt of flying through space in your own X-wing, coordinated your own lightsaber battle in your living room, or have several Grogu-themed merch items. Commonly referred to as “Star Wars Day” to the masses of fans, May 4th is a time to rewatch your favorite George Lucas films, wear your best movie duds, and host a party with the cutest intergalactic snacks.  

These Star Wars recipes are ideal for the snacky fan hosting a watch party for many or enjoying a night alone. From colorful cocktails and mocktails, all the way to Yoda-themed desserts, here are a few easy recipes inspired by the franchise you love. Not in the mood to cook? Celebrate by picking up Mandalorian Goldfish crackers, Mandalorian fruit snacks, and Star Wars Cakebites at your local Target and Walmart. May the 4th be with you!

Blue Milk Cocktail

Even space warriors need to keep their bones strong with milk. Whether you have been an avid fan of the films since their first installment or recently got into the series, blue milk is a major part of the Star Wars universe. It’s even parodied throughout pop culture. Make this blue milk cocktail with the liquor of your choice. Or, make a blue milk mocktail! Even better, these recipes are dairy-free.

Chewbacca Toast

Need a little snack? Grab your Nutella and peanut butter to craft a roar-worthy Chewbacca toast. Additionally, you can make Yoda avocado toast, too. TikTok creator Beau Coffron, aka @lunchboxdad, is the king of making Star Wars-themed sandwiches. Check him out for all your themed lunch needs.

Dagobah Swamp Stew

Need an idea for a delicious, satisfying dinner? TikTok user @YumCrunch asked ChatGPT to write a Star Wars-themed recipe and made something even better than what the AI suggested. With bright aromatics, herbaceous broth additions, and hearty veggies and beef, you may just save this recipe for use year-round.

Yellow Travel Biscuits

If you’ve been keeping up with the Mandalorian series on Disney+, you know that everyone has been trying to find the perfect recipe to replicate these yellow travel biscuits. You don’t have to look any further for these delightful little space cookies.

Yoda Truffles

If you have a little extra time to make a crowd-pleasing dessert for Star Wars Day, you have to make these Yoda/Grogu Oreo truffles. I could realistically eat this whole tray, but I guess I will save some for everyone else…

Haystack Banthas

Melted chocolate, peanut butter, and chow mein noodles can make a super cool and crunchy cookie that also looks like the big fuzzy Bantha creatures of Tatooine. If you don’t have chow mein noodles, small pretzel sticks will also work fantastically. Don’t forget to top these treats with Bugles horns.