Food is a huge element of the travel experience. Exploring is what introduces us all to so many different cuisines and combinations. Airports have begun to cater to not only what we want, but what we need to eat as we travel this beautiful world. Here are the 21 best international airports you should make a point to travel through just for their food options alone.

1. Heathrow

Besides traveling through the central hub of London, Heathrow offers amazing food options. Start with a nice burger and fries or sushi, indulge in ice cream for dessert, then knock off the travel jitters at the pub.

2. JFK International

Just in case you eat everything in one Shake Shack, there's another. It gets even better with a breakfast menu for those early bird flights. 

3. Copenhagen

This airport's small layout filled with pate pate, gorm's pizza, and lackagehuse still leaves room for the familiar face of Starbucks. No need to wander father than you may have already. 

4. LAX

Real Food Daily is definitely the vegan place to be. The international terminal has everything you could need from 800 degrees, Umami burger, The Tavern, Pinkberry, and Border Grill.

5. Hong Kong

For the kids, there's Ajisen Ramen and Popeye's, but the adults can put their well-developed palates to the test with offerings from soy milk to roasted duck. 

6. Philadelphia

Once you pass the Gap and Swarovski Crystal shops, there's still a huge variety of options that give even lay-over travelers a taste of Philly.

7. Narita (Japan) 

sushi, rice, tuna, sashimi, salmon, wasabi
Melissa Vajanaphanich

Get introduced to or say goodbye to Japan with some quality donburi.

8. Singapore's Changi

You don't become the number one airport in the world with just a couple vending machines here and there. The 24-hour food gallery alone is award-worthy. 

9. Pearson International (Toronto)

Tim Horton's welcomes everyone to Canada in the most appropriate was possible, but it doesn't stop there. Caplansky's Deli, Lee Kitchen, Paramount Fine Foods, Smashburger, Whalburgers, and Smoke's Burritorie makes Canada even more of a warm welcome.  

10. Charlotte Douglas

Nine different Starbucks—sometimes jet lagged travelers don't need much else. 

11. Denver 

The wave of new restaurants popping up will give a consistent traveler new local beers or creperies to try with every trip.

12. San Francisco

Odds are your favorite eatery isn't only in your terminal, but also right around each one. No need to pencil in time to run from terminal to terminal looking for your favorite place.

13. Charles De Gaulle 

Stop by Lauderée for an airplane snack that'll bump any seat up to first class.

14. Portland

Too long of a layover may lead to spending more on food than on your ticket, but vendors here aren't allowed to overprice here. Take advantage of the nitro coffee while you can. 

15. Newark Liberty

Stepping it up recently, cafes and bars fill the airport. Each terminal has everything you would need at any time of day, with tablets for easy ordering. 

16. Seattle-Tacome

They put mac n' cheese into grilled cheese for a reason. Here is the place to take a few to go.

17. Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta

Enjoy a trip to the south and go international at the same time within the different terminals. 

18. Chicago O’Hare

Let Summer House Santa Monica welcome you to the windy city. Grab Garrett's popcorn if you didn't have time for a real taste of Chicago on a quick trip.

19. Dallas Fort Worth International

Take some candy for the road (or sky) at this awesome airport. 

20. Frankfurt

If your favorite airport eateries and German classics aren't enough, sandwich stands fill the terminals. 

21. Honolulu International

The only reason to leave the island life is for the Kona Brewing Company inside the airport.