One of the best parts of traveling is getting to try new food, but one of the most difficult parts is finding where to eat, especially if you’re in a foreign country. It can be stressful choosing a restaurant, especially when you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. Fret no more. Here’s your guide to live by when searching for the perfect restaurant while traveling.

Get lost


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Walk around. Explore where you are. Some of the best restaurants are waiting for you to find them by chance.

Ask a local


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While your hotel concierge might be able to point you to the nearest chain restaurant, do you really want something you could easily get at home? Ask someone at the local coffee shop down the street, or ask a police officer or cab driver. Someone who knows the city you’re in will have a favorite local spot that’s most likely worth checking out.

Go on a food tour


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This takes the work out of finding a restaurant. Food tours are curated by people who know their stuff, so it’s a safe bet that you can find a dope place to eat.

Ask your friends


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Post a Facebook status or send out a tweet. Someone in your friend list has likely been where you are, and they might know of an awesome restaurant for you to try.

Use technology


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TripAdvisor can be a good way to find a delicious restaurant near you. It’s even better if you find a restaurant on there and double check with a local to see what they think about it, as TripAdvisor sometimes doesn’t get the whole story. AFAR Magazine has great guides on what to do in a lot of cities. Search their site for cool places to eat.