There’s no debating that coffee is a college student's best friend. It wakes you up, keeps you focused, and gets you to that annoying 8 am class you always debate sleeping through. But sometimes after a long weekend a typical Keurig or watery iced coffee just isn’t enough. It’s time to ditch the everyday blend for something new and rich–Nitro Cold Brew. 
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Allie Weiss

Nitro Cold Brew is the up-and-coming coffee trend that many coffee shops and high-end grocery stores are starting to supply. It is made by infusing cold brew coffee with nitrogen and, as an added bonus, has a cool, cascading effect.

The cold brew is steeped for 20 hours, and the nitrogen is infused as it is poured out of the tap. This process creates a smooth and creamy texture with a chocolatey taste that is less acidic than regular iced coffee. Most avid coffee drinkers would recommend drinking it black as a way of cutting down on calories without sacrificing flavor.

If that doesn't stir up your coffee addiction enough, the benefits that come with this caffeinated beverage will. When compared to the average tall cup of iced coffee, Nitro Cold Brew has a higher concentration of caffeine, is lower in acidity, and accelerates the caffeine rush.

This is perfect for the college student who needs to stay up to cram for an exam or get over that nasty hangover. While it may be a little pricey for everyday consumption ($3.75 for a tall size at Starbucks), nitro cold brew coffee is the perfect, go-to drink when you need that extra boost.

After researching and hearing so much about this new coffee trend, I decided to head out to a couple local coffee shops to give it a try for myself. Typically, I order either an iced coffee or a cold brew coffee. When the nitro cold brew coffee was pulled from the tap, I was instantly aware that this was going to be a different type of experience (just from looks and lack of ice).

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Allie Weiss

The taste was definitely not one that I had encountered before, but one that I look forward to having again. I got it unsweetened and found that the taste was rich with a chocolatey undertone and didn't need added milk or sugar. Despite the lack of ice, it stayed cold while I drank it and was very refreshing. The foamy bubbles from the nitrogen made it more filling than a regular cup of coffee and kept me satisfied for a while. I was shocked that something so good could only be five calories.

I strongly recommend that you make your way to a coffee shop doling out nitro cold brew near you so you can try it for yourself. While it may not be my daily choice, it will absolutely be a special treat for me whenever I see a tap at a coffee house.