Mac and cheese is the epitome of comfort food and is a true staple in any dairy eater's diet. But it is so much more than just a food to cuddle up with after a bitterly long day. Mac and cheese serves as the perfect dish for any picky child. Mac and cheese (in reality, Easy Mac) is an unparalleled dish for any broke, preoccupied college student. It can also operate as an upscale meal, particularly when complemented by bougie ingredients such as truffles or lobster. However, mac and cheese can also be served in an infinite number of different forms. Here are the 11 most creative ways to serve America's seemingly favorite dish. 

1. Mac and Cheese Pizza

mac n cheese, cheese, pie, crust, pizza, dough, pastry
Megan Japczyk

While this dish may seem like something out of your wildest dreams—a combination of two of the most heavenly foods to cross the earth—it exists, and it is even more mouthwatering than you can imagine. 

2. Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese

pastry, cheese, grilled cheese sandwich, cake, bread, sweet, crust
Jayna Goldstein

You may have just thought to yourself, "How could there possibly be any food marriage comparable to pizza topped with macaroni and cheese?" Well, you thought wrong. 

3. Fried Mac and Cheese Balls

Although balls are most commonly associated with sports, this round form of mac and cheese will undoubtedly blow you out of the park.

4.  Mac and Cheese Ice Cream Cone

This creative concoction is flawlessly fitting for any indecisive eaters who can never decide whether they want something sweet or savory. You get the full mac and cheese experience with crunches of the slightly sweet waffle cone incorporated into your bites. 

5. Spinach and Artichoke Mac and Cheese

It's time to start wiping up your drool from the corner of your mouth after watching this video because this cheesy, creamy appetizer is truly a gift from heaven. Start eating now and don't question it. 

6. Fried Mac and Cheese Burger

For far too long, you probably thought it was unique enough to put some mac on top of your patty, but the invention to deep fry macaroni and cheese and use it as a burger bun surpasses the former by infinite amounts. 

7. Mac and Cheese Breadsticks

While breadsticks are most commonly found at your local Olive Garden's dinner table, they make a great meal when paired with mac and cheese. And let me tell you, when breadsticks and mac and cheese have a baby, it is undeniably stunning and breathtakingly delicious. Mic drop. 

8. Mac and Cheese Mozzarella Sticks

Both macaroni and cheese and mozzarella sticks are two of the most indulgent, yet satisfying food options that exist. So naturally, they should be eaten as one. 

9. Mac and Cheese Waffles

A mac and cheese waffle is an essential mash-up that is so good you shouldn't even wait until this video is over to start cooking them. 

10. Mac and Cheese Cupcakes

Kirby Barth

While this recipe may not taste all that different from a conventional bowl of mac and cheese, it's indisputable that every food tastes better in cupcake form. 

11. Mac and Cheese Fritters 

meat, vegetable, corn, cheese, sauce
Hayden Carder

If you want to take your macaroni and cheese obsession to another level, the finest and crispiest way to do so is by making mac and cheese in the form of a fritter

To all the mac and cheese lovers out there, I think we can all agree that while it's incredibly satisfying to scarf down a big bowl of our favorite type of mac, sometime's it's necessary to spice it up. Trying these 11 alternatives is definitely a creative way to do so. Whether you decide to make one or all of these recipes, I can guarantee you won't regret it.