Cooking is an art which offers many tools. Some more useful than others (I'm talking to you microwave pasta maker), but many are not known to a novice chef. Instead of wasting counter space buying another pan with that William Sonoma gift card your mom gave you, add one of these appliances to your kitchen to up your cooking skills.

1. Sous Vide

Up until recently, Sous Vide had been inaccessible for everyday use as this product was expensive and very complicated to use. However, it produces incredible results. This changed for the better as the machines are now more affordable and have app integrated technology which include recipes that promise a precise even cook on all kinds of proteins.

2. Digital Scale

In the United States most recipes are adapted to use cups/tablespoons/teaspoons to measure ingredients. When using an international recipe, Americans learn the hard way that they are not alone as everyone else uses the metric system. In addition to universal measurements, the scale provides precision for exact measurements.

3. Pasta Machine

cheese, milk
Kevin Kozlik

In order to make fresh pasta easily and make people think you are a professional chef, a pasta machine is needed. These machines roll out or cut the pasta dough to make fresh pasta simple. 

4. Pressure Cooker

In our modern, fast-paced world people are always looking for a faster way to accomplish things. In cooking, the solution to this is the pressure cooker. This machine can cut cooking times drastically for stews, rice, and soups.

5. Espresso Machine

Ellie Yamanaka

A visit to a coffee shop is a pleasant start to many people's day, but $5 coffees can add up quickly. You can make it less expensive though. Investing in an espresso machine is worthwhile because the financial strain of buying coffee every day can be alleviated.

6. Electric Kettle

Using an electric kettle is the modern way to boil water. Instead of a stove and pot, an electric kettle is as simple as filling the kettle with water, plugging it in, and pushing a button. Some higher-end models even have temperature control, which is great for the perfect tea or coffee.

7. Ice Cream Maker

If you want an excuse to throw a party, buy an ice cream maker. This appliance is the center of attention in any social situation. Although no-churn ice creams are easier, the result is not as creamier. An ice cream machine is an easy and fun way to make ice cream in the comfort of your own home.

8. Cast Iron Pan

Some chefs cannot tell the difference in pans. This is unfortunate as using the right pan can make your food taste extra special. Cast iron is a very versatile pan that many swear by. Its use ranges from cooking eggs to searing steaks. 

9. Steamer

vegetable, broccoli, cabbage, herb
Katherine Baker

A steamer can make many healthy meals that the conventional cook would think of as bland. For those dieting though, a steamer is essential. In addition, a steamer is great for a wide variety of foods from dumplings to clams.

10. Mortar And Pestle

A mortar and pestle is essential for making guacamole, pesto, caesar dressing, and spice rubs. Nothing works better for crushing food. A mortar and pestle is essential for every chef to have in the back of the cabinet.

Each of these tools adds another essential gadget to your kitchen. It is important to note your diet may determine which of these is most useful for your life. Too many appliances may add extra clutter to your kitchen, but finding the right mix will make cooking more enjoyable.