Kitchen-ware can be overwhelming; there are so many types of pots and pans that give you all sorts of different benefits. However, one standout in the kitchen department is cast iron cookware. Let me tell you why.

1. It’s naturally non-stick

Cast Iron

Photo by Kathleen Lee

Most cast iron pans come pre-seasoned, meaning they have been oiled and then heated at high temperatures to preserve the iron surface better. This means that you can use less oil when cooking because your food won’t get stuck to the surface, making your meal healthier. Even better, you don’t have to worry about gross chemicals from nonstick pans.

2. It gets more iron into your food

Cast Iron

Photo by Daniel Schulema

Cast iron also gives you health benefits by leaching iron into your food. Iron deficiencies are common in women, so it is an easier way to get more iron into your diet without adding in extra food or supplements.

3. It is super versatile

Cast Iron

Photo by Phoebe Melnick

You can basically make anything in a cast iron skillet. You can take it from the stovetop and straight into the oven with ease, making recipes like a dutch baby pancake possible. Other recipe ideas are skillet cornbread, perfect steak, eggs, cobbler or mac and cheese.

4. It retains heat very well

Cast Iron

Photo by Emily Hu

Once a cast iron pan is heated up, it stays heated up. It will give you a perfect sear on a steak and works very well for making stews that cook for a long period of time. The temperature will stay right where you want it.

5. It is an inexpensive lifetime investment

Cast Iron

Photo by Daniel Schuleman

Cast iron pans are simple to make so you are able to find them for cheap. I just bought an 8-inch pan for $10 at Target and I see them at almost every grocery store. Better yet, these babies will last you for almost forever, as long as you keep them well maintained. Most pans will come with directions for cleaning and re-seasoning to keep your pan in tip-top shape.