One of the most relatable struggles is scrolling through Facebook and drooling over the shared INSIDER food videos that pop up all over your feed.

Don't worry, you're not alone wishing that teleporting was a real thing in the moment the video finishes. We picked out the 10 most epic Insider Food videos so far that you MUST add to your foodie bucket list to visit in the future. 

2 FOOT Long Pizza Slice

Location: Pizza Barn in Yonkers, NY

Pizza Barn has been open for 40 years and is currently run by the son of the founders. This idea for the massive pizza slice was inspired by the size of a cafeteria tray.

With 18 different toppings to choose from, even the picky pizza eaters can tackle a slice. As one of the people featured in this video stated: "this slice is half my body size"....get out the stretchy pants.

Cheeto Bagel

Location: The Bagel Nook in Freehold, New Jersey

Another family run shop to hit this epic list. Not only do they have a Flammin' Hot Cheeto Bagel that you can pair with a spicy ghost chili pepper cream cheese (in case you weren't aware ghost peppers are THE spiciest of peppers) but also an Oreo Overload Bagel.

Giant Bucket O' Balls

Location: The Meatball Shop, NYC 

If you thought that a giant bucket of meatballs didn't exist you're very, very wrong. They created this so there was a way for your meatballs to be delivered to you in the MAXIMUM quantity (I think they really tested the definition of maximum...). Make sure to try the fan favorite: Pepperoni Pizza Ball.

Eight Pound Burrito

Location: Cheeky's locations in Georgia

This secret off-menu challenge: "No Way Jose" burrito is two feet long (#tbt to the pizza slice from above) and weighs in at 8 pounds...aka the weight of a newborn baby. 3 pounds of chicken, stacked with rice, and even a fried taquito are in the mix. Messy, but definitely gives Chipotle a run for its' money.

Fair Cookie

Location: Sweet Martha's Stand at the Minnesota State Fair

Forget the half-dozen or dozen from Insomnia, this stand serves cookies by the BUCKET. Yep, like the meatballs from above these freshly baked warm cookies are handed out in buckets bigger than Kim K's booty.

One bowl of dough cooked in the kitchen makes 11,500 cookies, and one bucket serves 48 cookies.

Fried Mozzarella Grilled Cheese

Location: B&A Pork Store in Brooklyn, New York

Named the 'Mozzarella Carrozza', this grilled cheese is probably one of the most legendary. The mozzarella is fresh and the stores makes 500 pounds of it EACH week. This fried creamy cheese sandwich makes all your grilled cheese dreams come true. 

Garlic Knot Sliders

Location: Hold my Knots at the Gansevoort Market in NYC

Garlic knots are an underrated item traditionally available at most pizza shops. The fan favorite is the Chicken Parmigiana with breaded chicken topped with an exceedingly delicious layer of garlic and olive oil. 

The 5 Pound Cookie

Location: T-Rex in Minneapolis, MN

This mixture of dough requires 8 pounds of chocolate chips (chocoholics I see your eyes bugging out of your head) and serves 30 people. If you're feeling adventurous try tackling this with two people and see if you can do it. Get ready for the 48 hour sugar high after this one. 

Sushi Tacos

Location: Tail and Fin in Las Vegas, NV

The ultimate combo craved by basically every human that has a pulse: tacos and sushi. This epic dish starts with a seaweed and rise base and the rest is up to you to create. 

Giant Donut

Location: Round Rock Donuts in TX 

This bad boy weighs in at 2 pounds and is the equivalent of 12 donuts combined. If you split it with your best friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or your sidekick foodie, you each get to devour 6 donuts total (totally do-able if you put your mind to it).

If you were hangry prior to reading this, I am so sorry. At least now you have some motivation to go out there and check off some places on that extensive food bucket list you've been slaving over.