Are you really an iPhone user if you don't use emojis? Are you really a foodie if you don't utilize the food emojis? 

There is nothing like sending your group chat a picture of your latest meal paired with the matching emoji. 

There are quite a lot of foods we recognize and some not so much, so lets take a look at the best of the best. 

1. Avocado 

vegetable, guacamole, avocado
Rebecca Holstein

This is not only on the list because avocados taste great, but mostly because this is the trendiest food now. Smart phone users are definitely sending avocado emojis back and forth while comparing toasts

2. Burrito 

chocolate, cake
Becky Hughes

This is simply amazing because of the intricate detailing of the inside of the burrito. You can clearly see the rice, beans, and salsa. It seems likes this emoji gives Chipotle a run for its money. 

3. Eggs

coffee, cream, butter, sweet, bread, dairy product, fried egg, egg yolk, egg
Madelyn B Bucher

The fact that the egg is sunny side up in a pan is simply  enough to be on this list. 

4. Fried Shrimp

chicken, sauce, shrimp
Alexander Furuya

I am ranking the fried shrimp emoji because it is great that there is an emoji for such a specific food. Even though it may barely be used, it is good to know it's there.

5. Sushi (all of it)

rice, sushi
Rachael Piorko

These are definitely the most confusing set of food emojis. You have the bento box, the sashimi, what looks like sticky rice. Whatever they are, they work for my Japanese restaurant Instagrams. 

6. Hot Coffee 

espresso, coffee
Meredith Simmons

Of course we all send the daily morning coffee snapchat paired with this adorable coffee mug emoji. The only thing that is missing is a tall iced latte emoji... c'mon. 

7. Wine

cocktail, juice, red wine, ice, liquor, alcohol, wine
Alex Frank

I just had to mention the wine, because even though wine isn't technically food, it is a staple pairing with any meal so it made the list. No questions. 

8. Croissant 

butter, bread, sweet, pastry, croissant
Amanda Ryvkin

The amount of study abroad in Paris instagrams have been paired with this emoji is endless. Although, I am not complaining because who doesn't love a good croissant.

9. Donut

doughnut, pumpkin
Ailish Dougherty

Now this one is particularly important. The amount of puns that could be used with this emoji is endless and I never get tired of them.

10. Bacon

barbecue, pork, seafood, fish, meat
Christin Urso

Eggs are on this list, therefore bacon is too. The two go perfectly together in a breakfast food picture (you can throw in pancakes too). The bacon actually looks crispy and ready to eat too.

Now there are plenty of other food emojis that didn't make the list that are extremely useful in any food Instagram post, don't get me wrong I wish I could go on. (Shoutout to the cut up cucumber and the eggplant)      

So next time you send that daily snapchat of whatever you're eating on your lunch break or that must photograph foodie moment when you see your plate full for the first time, be sure to pair it with the fun and practical food emoji. 

With endless options there is no doubt that any picture or text paired with the right emoji will be sure to put a smile on anyone's face.