With the frigidity of winter finally settling in after the December/early January heatwave, there’s no better feeling than curling up with a warm cup of tea after a blustery day, listening to the winds of snow scrape against frosted windows while secretly cursing the ice gods for bestowing such awful weather on we mere mortals.

Being a tea enthusiast myself, I have acquired an impressive collection over the years. My kitchen cabinet contains everything ranging from green, black, chai, green chai (it’s a thing, I promise), ginger, chamomile and even chocolate caramel. I’ve tried loose leaf, bagged, hot, cold and even bubble tea varieties. I’ve brewed my own and have also tasted my fair share of concoctions from various hipster coffee shops.

When it comes to tea, you could say I’ve seen — and tasted — it all.


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The hardest part of liking (or perhaps obsessing over) tea to the extent that I do is the indecisiveness felt when choosing my cup (or two, or three) for the day. More often than not, I find myself with a bag in each hand, looking from one to the other and glancing at my mug hoping to hear a small porcelain voice instructing me which one to choose.

I’ve noticed over time that my taste for tea depends on the mood I happen to be in when opening the kitchen cabinet; even though I equally enjoy both green and chai, some days are just more chai days than others, and vice versa.

It all comes down to my state of mind, and tea is very receptive of that. The difference between tea and say, coffee, is that tea cares about your feelings. It really does.

1. When you’re feeling high-strung, sip green tea.


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Whether it be pomegranate, raspberry, spearmint or plain sweetened with honey, green tea and its plethora of antioxidants will certainly help you regain your zen, reduce stress and return tranquility to your life.

2. In need of inspiration? Pour a cup of chai — preferably vanilla.


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The warming scent of cinnamon and vanilla in perfect harmony is sure to entertain your creative mind, overcoming the worst fits of writer’s block, artistic ruts, or things of the like.

3. When you’re content, drink black tea.


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Because contentment is simplicity at its finest, and black tea is the simplest of all tea varieties. Try it English-style with sugar and cream if you also want to feel a little cultured.

4. When you’re feeling discouraged, slug down detox tea.


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The cleansing of mind and body that detox tea ensues is just what you need for a fresh start. The flavors of ginger, dandelion and licorice bring you to a much-needed state of confidence and renewal.

5. If you’re feeling one with nature — or want to be — try ginger tea.


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You can’t get much more down to earth than with ginger root. The warming spices in this tea combined with the earthiness of the ginger will easily please all of your senses.

6. Feeling anxious? Steep some chamomile.


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Chamomile is known for its calming capabilities, especially if you struggle with silencing your mind or falling asleep. It also has a plethora of other added benefits.

7. When you’re feeling indulgent, try out chocolate caramel.


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On a scale of one to hot chocolate, this tea is about a twelve. It sounds too good to be true, but its muted sweetness and chocolatey goodness makes it that much more decadent. And honestly, you’ll feel pretty damn sophisticated drinking it.