In college, it's easy to eat unhealthy. With Postmates delivery pulling through during those late nights in the library and dining halls perpetually stocked with pizza and fries, sometimes I find myself in a rut consuming processed foods or binging on junk foods. I'm always on the hunt for healthy alternatives, and I'm here to share some of my favorite products. Here's healthier alternatives to some things you might be craving.

If You're Craving Instant Ramen, Try Naughty Noah's Pho

Chloe Krugel

The classic college good, instant ramen is a reliable meal or snack that you can customize and pimp out. However, instant ramen is super high in sodium, so I definitely wouldn't recommend making it a dietary staple. For a gluten-free and vegan version, try Naughty Noah's Pho, which uses ingredients like garlic power and red pepper to pack in the flavor and reduce its sodium content. 

If You're Craving Cookie Butter, Try Amoretti Cookie Spread

Chloe Krugel

Trader Joe's is already a college student's dream with its affordable and fresh foods, but its unique goods like Cookie Butter really put TJ above other grocery stores. Though Trader Joe's Cookie Butter will forever have a special place in my heart, what I love about Amoretti is that the quality of all the brand's products—whether it be cookie spreads, syrups or organic extra virgin olive oil—shines through. You can definitely taste all the effort that went into crafting each jar. 

If You're Craving Gnocchi, Try Chateau Dumplings

The first time I ate gnocchi proved a spiritual experience. These little potato dumplings are some of the most comforting, hearty foods. Though you can certainly make your own, I haven't had a better potato dumpling that Chateau Dumplings, which is a family-owned Czech company that perfected all things bread and potatoes. Pick up a frozen pack at your local Jewel Osco or Dominic's for a hearty, tasty dinner. 

If You're Craving Milk Chocolate, Try Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips

Chloe Krugel

Homemade chocolate chip cookies are more satisfying and tasty than cookies using pre-packaged dough. Not only are these cookies are so much more gooey, but you can customize them as pleased: add mix-ins, put more chocolate in the dough, or even switch out traditional milk chips for dark, dairy-free chips from Enjoy Life to add a bit of antioxidants to your dessert. 

If You're Craving Girl Scout Cookies, Try Goodie Girl Cookies

Girl Scout cookies season is here, and I am way too excited about it. I can't get enough of Thin Mints or Samoas, however, these bad boys are not the healthiest options. So, for a gluten-free, non-GMO alternative that you can buy at any time of the year, try Goodie Girl Cookies. They're exact dupes for your favorite Girl Scout cookie. 

If You're Craving Werther's Caramel, Try Cocomels

Chloe Krugel

Werther's Caramels are a seriously underrated Halloween candy, and they're the perfect after-dinner treat if you're having a sweet tooth. For caramels that might be even tastier than Werther's, and organic and vegan, give Cocomels a shot. The subtle coconut flavor makes the candies multi-dimensional. Since these candies come in tons of fun flavors like sea salt and espresso, you're bound to find one you'll love. 

If You're Craving Trail Mix, Try Dove Chocolate Almonds

Chloe Krugel

Trail mix, as delicious and versatile as it is, is packed with added sugars. Dove's new chocolate-covered almonds might still contain sugar, but the almonds are dusted with cinnamon, which is anti-inflammatory and balances blood sugar levels. Plus, Dove's chocolate is notorious for being high-quality, so even though you're eating dessert, it's some of the best stuff you can get on the market. 

If You're Craving Ice Cream, Try ProYo

Even through the harsh winter months, it's never too cold for ice cream. Though there are a ton of low-calorie alternatives out on the market right now (Halo Top, I'm looking at you), they can be packed with tons of artificial ingredients lacking in nutritional value. That's where ProYo comes in. This low-fat, high-protein ice cream tastes like real ice cream and has a clean list of ingredients.

There's nothing wrong with eating the occasional instant ramen or pint of Ben & Jerry's. We're human, and it's okay to eat more indulgent foods. If you can integrate healthier alternatives for your cravings, though, why not try them out? There's nothing to lose, and you'll most likely gain something by finding a new product or brand to be obsessed with, all the while taking care of your body.