Although I was taught in health class that ice cream was in the dairy food group, my obsession with ice cream has proven it to be its own food group (at least as far as I'm concerned). You may be a lover of this creamy, delicious treat, but are you enough of a die-hard ice cream lover that it gets its own space on the food pyramid? 

1. Ice cream is your go-to dessert

cream, ice, ice cream, chocolate, dairy product
Josi Miller

Doughnuts, cookies, cake, brownies, tiramisu, chocolate are just some of the best desserts appear on a dinner table, and you ignore them all for a scoop of ice cream. Nothing beats ice cream to top off a perfect meal; it will always bring you the sweetest satisfaction that no slice of cake or cookie could do. 

2. You compiled a list of your favorite ice cream shops

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Christy Chan

There is no need for your friends to Google or Yelp the best ice cream spots. You have enough personal experience to provide genuine, professional recommendations about which shops serves the best. You have even memorized the the menu at each shop.

3. You don’t have a favorite flavor

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Amelia Hitchens

Been a part of a cheesy ice-breaking event? Then you have been told to say your name and favorite ice cream flavor. This just wont work for you. When you’re obsessed with ice cream, every flavor is your favorite. No flavor is better than any other because they’re all so amazing and have a special place in your heart. This also makes you a little indecisive because you just want to bring the whole ice cream shop home. 

4. One scoop is not enough — you always go for three scoops

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Anna Yang

One scoop is not enough to satisfy to your cravings. Three scoops is always the standard. Besides, you probably can’t decide on one flavor anyways. Oh, and three scoops on a waffle cone is perfect for an aesthetically pleasing Instagram picture. 

5. Your Instagram posts feature your favorite friend, ice cream. 

Anna Yang

When you click on your Instagram grid, a good chunk of your pictures feature you eating ice cream if it's not just ice cream itself. Ice cream pics are your aesthetic and you’re not scared of being the annoying friend that posts too much food on their personal social media accounts.

6. You've never looked at the food label on your ice cream tub

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Rica Beltran

Have you ever looked at what ice cream is actually made of? Do you care about how many calories are in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia? Probably not. I know I have never made an effort to turn the container around, and that’s fine. Ice cream makes you happy, even if that means a few more calories.

7. You don't even hesitate when you're paying at the register

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Amelia Hitchens

When you go grocery shopping, you pick and choose between what you buy when you're running on a budget. But when it comes to ice cream, the sky's the limit. You proudly order a triple scoop even when it comes out to $6.50 and you lick it away with no feelings of guilt. Now that is true love. 

8. It's your favorite pick-me-up 

ice, ice cream, cream
Anna Yang

Ice cream makes everything better. It’s there for you when you’re crying after a harsh breakup or you’re just having a bad day. It turns your frown into a smile, and a rainy day into a summer day. It's the perfect "meal" to catch up with a friend over or to eat alone. Conclusion: Ice cream is pretty magical. 

9. There is never a bad time for ice cream

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Anna Yang

Best weather for ice cream? No such thing. No matter if it’s 110 degrees out or you’re freezing your butt off in the snow– ice cream is ice cream. It will always bring you the same level of satisfaction. I once got Humphry Slocombe’s ice cream when it was 40 degrees in San Francisco and I got sick for a whole week after that, but did I regret it? Of course not. 

10. You believe that ice cream is happiness condensed

ice, ice cream, sandwich, cream, cookie, cake
Julia Hedelman

There are many things that make you happy, and ice cream is one of them; its presence even puts a smile on your face. When you’re eating it and it melts in your mouth, that is ultimate bliss. Ice cream is your happy place. They say, “Money can’t buy happiness, but money can buy you ice cream, which is basically the same thing.” 

11. Ice cream is part of your identity 

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Anna Yang

Your family and friends have come to accept that ice cream is a significant and permanent chunk of your life. Your friends tag you in all the ice cream posts they see on social media. People text you when they they're getting ice cream because they thought of you. Of course, you embrace it all, because ice cream is something that makes you who you are.