Let me start off by saying I love Taco Bell. It's my absolute favorite fast food spot and my go-to post-night out meal. There's never a day when the spicy soft potato taco and a chalupa can't fix all my problems (except for impending heart burn). So, whenever the chain releases a new menu item, I've got to try it.

What are the new menu items at Taco Bell?

Image by Taco Bell

Just this week, TB gave us two new delicious options — the enchirito and the 7-layer nacho fries. And as an official Taco Bell menu expert (I did try every thing on the menu once), I had to give these two items a try.

How are the 7-layer nacho fries?

The nacho fries excited me. It started with wonderfully seasoned fries as the base. On top of those are black beans, diced tomatoes, reduced-fat sour cream, warm nacho cheese, creamy chipotle sauce, tons of shredded cheese, ground beef, and guacamole.

Image by Felicia LaLomia

Getting a perfect bite with little bits of each element is a task, but once it was all crammed onto my fork and in my mouth, I was delighted. At first, a lovely savory-ness hits you with the nacho cheese and fries followed by a low heat. Both of those can be quelled with some of the sour cream and guacamole, which is surprisingly flavorful. This item has quickly entered my top 10 favorites. I only wished the fries were slightly crispier. 8/10

How is the enchirito?

The enchirito was intriguing. It won a customer vote recently as a throw back Taco Bell menu item people wanted back. It first debuted in 1970 as a fusion between an enchilada and a burrito. It starts with a soft flour tortilla that is loaded with seasoned beef, beans, and diced onions. That is all rolled up and covered, I mean blanketed, with a red sauce and melted cheddar cheese.

Image by Felicia LaLomia

This one was a little more one note. The ground beef was well seasoned, and I love the beans, but beyond that, it was lacking. All of the textures were mushy, and without any added heat or sweetness, all I got was a savory mouthful of what felt like baby food. If you like soft textures or are willing to add crunch and spice to your order, you'll like this. 5/10

How long will the 7-layer nacho fries and the enchirito be on the Taco Bell menu?

Both the 7-layer nacho fries and the enchirito are limited-time offerings at Taco Bell. The enchirito will be available until November 30, while the 7-layer nacho fries don't have a specific end date but are only available for a limited time.