Ah, the Upper West Side. It’s one of my favorite places in Manhattan: home of iconic movie shots, beautiful brownstones, and, of course, burritos the size of your arm.

Here’s some backstory: My best friend and I often use Friday afternoons to scope out new places to eat in the city, and since we’re college students, we have the challenge of finding a food place that’s as delicious as it is affordable. So, as a lover of the Upper West Side, I decided to seek out places there.

And after some thorough research, I came across an article that raved about The Great Burrito, a Mexican restaurant where huge burritos are claimed to be only $13. Excited that my investigation skills came through, my friend approved and the plan was set to trek to West 79th street after class.

The Place

The restaurant was very narrow and small, with only a few tables available, but since we came during the early afternoon, it wasn’t a problem for us to get seats. There was a counter in the back to order food, and the service was super accommodating and helpful (they gave us complimentary chips and salsa!) Colorful banners line the ceiling, adding a festive atmosphere to the space.

Julianna Romero

The Menu

So. Many. Options. The menu offers a huge array of entrees to try, as well as types of meat, toppings, extras, and sides. From nachos and tacos to flautas and tamales, and with choices of chipotle chicken to ground beef, I guarantee you’ll take at least five minutes to decide on your protein of choice alone (I know I did).

Julianna Romero

The Food

They’ve got a great selection of traditional Mexican cuisine, but I decided to stick with what I came for and ordered a chipotle chicken burrito. When it came to our table, I was astounded by the size–those Yelp reviews weren’t messing around.

The burrito, stuffed with seasoned rice, jack cheese, and chipotle chicken, topped with salsa and sour cream, was legitimately the size of my arm. And it was only $12! The cheese melt alone was a beautiful sight, and combined with the rest of the ingredients, it was truly a Great Burrito.

Julianna Romero

My friend ordered a chipotle chicken huarache, which was a homemade, large corn tortilla stuffed with pinto beans, verde sauce, jack cheese, sour cream, and onion. It was crispy, crunchy, and bursting with flavor. Both of us paired our meals with Jarritos pineapple soda, a quintessential element to the dining experience.

Julianna Romero

The Takeaway

With so many options to choose from, and at a great price, I highly recommend giving The Great Burrito a try. I know we will definitely be back to try more entrees on the menu. Basically, I found yet another reason to love the Upper West Side.