Summer is over and some of us are pretty sad about it. We summer lovers tend to welcome the autumn season by remembering how great and happy we have been the last three months.

Giulia Baldini

This summer I went back home to visit my family and friends in Florence, Italy. Along with many other towns and regions, I had the chance to go to Naples, Modena, Mondovì, and Valencia. Yes, I went to Spain too. I was there visiting a dear friend who showed me the unique sides of this Spanish town, including its tasting and fulfilling food

Jamón Serrano

Giulia Baldini

Europeans are usually a fan of slow food and small portions. The first day I arrived in Valencia for dinner time my friend introduced me to a dish that was meant to be shared among three people. At first, it did not seem very fulfilling or special enough to be shared. However, once it arrived, not only was it very much a complete meal, it was also flavorsome. 

Bocadillos de jamón serrano is basically a ham sandwich, but the quality and consistency was inimitable. Spanish ham is a very refined food which can be expensive abroad. In Valencia, it’s such a popular food that one can easily eat a good abundance of it for few euros.

Paella, con Carne y Mariscos

Giulia Baldini

Everyone has to try paella once in their life, especially if they happen to be in the city where it was born. Paella is a dish composed of rice and saffron, mixed with either fish or meat. The most popular one is prepared with either chicken or seafood, called marisco. If you are curious and want to dare, you can even ask for a paella with both fish and meat in the same plate.


Valencia is such a hot and humid city, particularly in the summertime. It is always a good idea to carry some water while strolling around the city center. However, if you fancy something sweeter than water, horchata might be the perfect answer. It is best when served cold and consumed with fartons.


Giulia Baldini

Tapas is another word for "appetizer" but saying it will make you sound more cosmopolitan. Tapas are typical Spanish delicacies which can be cold or hot, depending on the ingredients they are made of. Tapas are usually eaten between 5:00 and 7:00 pm and are the perfect start to any meal, along with a beer or a cocktail.

¡Que bonita ciudadela!

Giulia Baldini

Without any hesitation, I can firmly say that I spent five awesome days in this city. The museums, the parks, the concerts were all simply great. The food was rich and tasty so eating was never a boring experience—especially when in the company of fantastic people. As a European student living in the USA, I missed these kinds of activities: tasting small portions of food, drinking a nice glass of wine, and calmly taking time for conversation. I'm grateful to have shared these moments in Spain with my new amigos Valencianos.

Gracias Valencia. I'll come back for sure!