It's that time of the year,

the one that we all fear.

Our beloved summer has come to an end

and we know we're about to overspend. 

Goodbye to laundry being cleaned by mom

and my queen-sized bed was more than bomb. 

mug, Morning, cozy, bed, cappuccino, milk, espresso, tea, coffee
Caroline Ingalls

Home friends were nice and I love my dog, 

but I will tell you what I will miss most of all–

It's the food. 

It really brightens my mood. 

The pantry was always full of snacks–

I am going to have to make some cutbacks. 

Those freshly baked cookies on the table–

I won't lose this weight 'till April. 

goody, cookie, chocolate
Blair Baker

Even though I'll miss the meals, 

going back is giving me the feels. 

The dining hall is less than average

and oh, there's my mini fridge. 

Full of half-used bottles of wine, 

I don't care what you say, this box is divine.

cheers, glasses, rosé, rosé wine, wine, alcohol
Caroline Ingalls

Classes have now begun,

and that's the end of summer fun.