Drinking coffee anytime and everywhere seems to be a common trend. College campuses are one of the most popular places where coffee takes over among students. But as a non-coffee loving college student, I’ve never seen the deal with this beverage and its powerful magic.

However, you may not know there are various kinds of coffee! I went on vacation to Naples and for the first time ever I liked, enjoyed, and surprisingly appreciated coffee. Neapolitan coffee is extremely unique.

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Giulia Baldini

The Flavor

Naples coffee is strong, has a pungent scented, and sweet at the same time. It is best when served hot, in order to smell and feel the strong flavors.

The Size

coffee, espresso, cappuccino, mocha, milk, tea, black coffee
Rebecca Buechler

Like in any Italian café, coffee is served in a small cup with a small plate and spoon. In this way the drink keeps its aroma, which is very concentrated. For those with a sweet tooth, adding sugar can help a bit.

The Difference

The traditional Neapolitan coffee is typically made with a specific brewer machine and procedure, although nowadays coffee is prepared with more technological and fast devices. The water used in this kind of coffee is local and slightly smoother than other ones.

The Place and Time

Coffee is commonly consumed during breakfast time, in the late morning, or after lunch. I drank my first Neapolitan coffee at 11 o’clock at Pasticceria Scaturchio, one of the most popular bars in Naples. The other coffee I had, which was made with hazel nut cream, was from Cafè Gambrinus, after having a delicious pizza for lunch.

The coffee from Naples will remain in my memory for a long time, if not forever. Finally I can make this statement: a tiny cup of coffee can totally change your day.