Stockings have long-been a staple of Christmas. As a kid, I loved running downstairs and seeing what sweet treats Santa Claus had left for me in my stocking. After awhile, though, the traditional candy canes became an expected norm on Christmas morning.

Switch things up this holiday by trying out one of these food stocking stuffer ideas.

For Coffee Lovers

I got a sampler pack of Keurig K-Cups. It has been requested that I tweet a short review of each.

colmmcsky on Flickr

In this day of age, almost every coffee fanatic has invested in a handy dandy Keurig machine, which magically dispenses your coffee for you with the push of a few buttons. To make your coffee loving friend jump for joy this holiday (which of course will only happen after they have their morning dose of caffeine), stuff their stocking with K-cups in their favorite coffee variety.

For Hardcore Carnivores

Bacon Gumball tin

juhansonin on Flickr

Obviously, it's going to be nearly impossible to stick a juicy ribeye or a greasy cheeseburger in a stocking. However, you can gift these bacon-flavored gumballs to freshen their breath after eating an extra large meat lover's pizza. 

For Francophiles


notfrancois on Flickr

Although you could get your beret-loving friend a plane ticket to Paris, a box of sweet, French macarons can be a great and slightly more economical stocking stuffer. You can either buy them in a local bakery, online, or you can even make them yourself. 

For Broke College Students


oskay on Flickr

Ramen noodles have long-been a staple in every poor college student's diet. Why not give them as a gift this Christmas? They fit perfectly in a stocking, and they're super cheap. 

For Chocoholics

Ghirardelli Chocolate Square

Hammer51012 on Flickr

Ahh, chocolate. Although there are many tasty brands of chocolate out there, Ghirardelli chocolate squares have proven to be a delectable and not overly pricey variety. You can gift the classic milk chocolate and caramel squares, or try out the seasonal chocolate peppermint bark

No matter whose stocking you'll be stuffing this Christmas, these gifts are a surefire way to make your friends smile.