St. Patrick's Day might be behind us, but if you, like me, are still in the festive green spirit, I have just the challenge for you! What if, on top of wearing some extra green during this St. Patrick's month, you took it to the next level by eating green food for a whole day? Who knows, with all this green, you might just get lucky!  


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Start the day off right with one of my favorite green foods – avocados! Top off some hearty multigrain toast with sliced avocado and take it to the next level with a sunny side up egg and goat cheese. Accompany this easy a fulfilling masterpiece with a green smoothie to give you all the nutrients and energy you need for the day. Try out this green smoothie recipe!


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Revitalize at lunch with a hearty green salad. You can really top this salad however you fancy, that’s the beauty of it! I recommend adding a healthy protein to sustain you through the afternoon lull. Add a side of an orange or tangerine if you want a little something more because orange is part of the Irish flag too!

Here’s a salad combination that I absolutely love:

- Kale or spinach 

- edamame 

- slivered almonds

- blueberries

- goat cheese

- red onion

- dressing: lemon vinaigrette, red wine vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette, or something similar


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To stave the hunger until dinner, here are some yummy green food suggestions:

- Chips and guacamole (guac recipe!!)

- Harvest Snap Peas (A great source of protein believe it or not!)

- Celery sticks with hummus or peanut butter


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Treat yourself for dinner to basil pesto pasta with a side of garlic bread. Not only is the pasta just beautifully speckled with green, but it's also satisfyingly delicious and feels extravagant. If you want to add more protein, I recommend slicing up and mixing in some chicken—it goes great with pesto!  Deeeeelicious!


Did someone say dessert?! I know, you were probably thinking this day of green food would just be full of veggies, but this is a holiday, after all, so we should celebrate by treating ourselves to a little something sweet!

Here are some examples of green treats - try one (or all, I won't judge) out:

- Indulge by topping the day off with McDonalds iconic Shamrock Shake (check out all their new Shamrock variations!)

- If that’s not your style, how about a southern classic – Key Lime Pie?? Though it’s not necessarily green, limes are green, so I'll let it slide :)

- If you want a fun DIY, bake some classic sugar cookies and decorate with fun green frosting and sprinkles!

- If you’re into matcha – essentially a green tea powder – here are some of the glorious things you can do to indulge in this beautiful green food. Take this matcha hot cocoa, for example:

Ever wonder what to do on St. Patrick’s Day besides wearing green and partying? Well, wonder no longer, here is a new St. Patrick’s tradition that’s fun, delicious, and sure to stay in the books!

Happy St. Patrick’s Month, I wish you luck!!

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