This is for everyone who is convinced the pumpkin spice trend at Starbucks will never fade. Since when did we become a generation obsessed with our inner white girl tendencies?

Basics beware because matcha is the new trend and you're about to get addicted. You may wonder what matcha is all about: green tea is getting more popular nowadays, and we're going to check out a couple drinks and desserts for you to try out.

1. Matcha Roll Cake

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This is what you would expect from any Asian bakery: sponge roll cakes that are filled with creme or jam. Top this cake with some red bean and you'll be good for a dessert for four (or two).

2. Matcha Crepes

If you can make crepes for breakfast, you're already ahead of the game. Add some matcha to the mix and check out that stunning presentation. This is an absolute winner.

3. Matcha Oreo Ice Cream

I would assume that most people try matcha ice cream and are surprised by the flavor: a mix of earthy and sweet. Add Oreos for that chocolate crunch factor, and—hold on, is that a piece of bread? These people are almost making honey toast at this point. Aren't you learning a lot from this article?

4. Matcha Chocolate Fondue

Look at that matcha chocolate run so free. This truly is a gift sent from the heavens. What goes well with matcha? Literally everything. Don't overthink it.

4. Iced Matcha Lattes

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Just look at that aesthetic. Matcha can refresh your IG feed and fill your soul. Matcha is love, matcha is life.

5. Matcha Creme-Filled Croissants

THAT CREME THO. Flaky buttery crust and matcha powder on top gives it that warm, inviting feeling that you wouldn't get from ordering a Starbucks breakfast sandwich. Take this to go to class or work and your day will be a-okay.

6. Matcha Cream Puffs

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Drop the mic. Cream puff shops are seriously killing the matcha dessert game because this looks amazing! That matcha cookie crust and matcha creme... I have no qualms about the creme getting on my face after taking a bite because I ate this cream puff right. Haters gonna hate.

7. Matcha Ice Cream Waffles

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*Breathes heavily* The new dessert trend in NY: egg waffle ice cream cones. Check out the beauty on the left with red bean and strawberry toppings. Oh man. Popularized in Hong Kong, these waffles can be flavored with chocolate, matcha, you name it. Point is: matcha is love. Rolled ice cream shops can take a seat.

You're probably thinking: "Where can I buy all of these amazing desserts?" Worry not because matcha is becoming increasingly popular in the food market and you'll find coffee shops start to feed the trend.

This fall, let's revolutionize a trend that ties into culture as much as flavor; matcha is here to stay. Order that iced green tea latte and come up with new associations for autumn traditions since matcha is the new fall trend.