Spring Break: a week-long recess for college students that consists mainly of beaches, booze and babes. This is the most anticipated week for students during the spring semester. So, with the week quickly approaching, here are the most common spring breakers and their drink of choice.

1. The Frat Guy—Beer

"Yo you wanna shotgun?" "Bro totally. Lets slam, shake, bite." 

You can normally find the typical frat guy funneling a Natty Light while his fraternity brother is video taping... you more than likely will see their video submission on Old Row later that night.

2. The Sorority Star—Vodka

The sorority star can usually be found chugging a bottle of Burnett's vodka while her sorority sisters are cheering her on or at the bar ordering a vodka cranberry flirting with the bartender. 

3. The Friend Who Disappears the Whole Trip—Everclear

I think we can all agree that this drink is deadly. It is safe to say that the friend who disappeared the whole trip blacked out and has no recollection of anything... kinda like when you wake up the next morning after drinking Everclear. 

4. The Local—Whisky

The local hides out in their homes the whole month of March drinking whisky on the rocks just to cope with all of the college kids taking over their hometown. You only seem the local on rare occasion when they need to make a Walmart run. 

5. The Friend Who Doesn't Drink—Virgin Piña Colada

This friend remains sober the whole trip and plays "mom" or "dad" to all their friends. They are constantly there to remind you of all the stupid things you forgot you did throughout the week of spring break.

6. The Creepy Old Guy—Tequila

You all know who I am talking about... there's always that one man who quietly lingers around in the background at the bar or in the club that gives you the creeps. He shows up at all of the events and appears out of nowhere. He is constantly drinking or smoking and dancing up on you. It is safe to say that this guy had one too many rounds of Jose Cuervo. *cue Tracy Byrd's song Ten Rounds of Jose Cuervo*

7. The MILF—Rum

The MILF casually sips her liquor while she lays out on the beach in her string bikini. She tends to spice things up during the week (just like her Captain Morgan Rum).