With callout season upon us, it may be difficult to decide which organizations are worth your time. It takes some research, some scheduling, and some begging/bribing for friends to tag along. Well, search no more. If any of these 15 Reasons Why Joining the Spoon Fam at Purdue weren't enough, I've taken the liberty of addin 10 more to that list. You're welcome.

1. We Just Talk About Food for Most of Our Meetings

If you tend to annoy your friends because of your serious food opinions, we'll hear you out. Have you tried the new restaurants on Chauncey? Know of the best bubble tea places? Do you know of a good recipe for pumpkin cheesecake bars? Tell us what you think.

2. Local Businesses Like Us

We like being tight with local businesses, and they like being tight with us. Companies like Great Harvest Bread Company and Lotsa have taken great interest in our organization. If they see the awesomeness of Spoon, you should too.

3. We See Food Puns as a Form of Currency

Just like the high school days when pencil led and chewing gum were oh-so valuable. Extra points if it rhymes.

4. Do it for the Killer Bake Sales

Now is the time to share your dessert know-how with the Purdue community. And it's all for a good cause.

5. We Can Turn Almost any Food into a Verb

Phrases like, "Did you sushi burrito last night?" or "I couldn't coffee this morning because I was late" are regular staples in our conversations. If you like to make new words as much as we do, you'll fit right in.

6. Farmers' Market Field Trips

Spoon lets schools take over their SnapChat every once in a while, and we've proudly showcased our farmers' market for the world to see. We are in need of excuses to go to even more places (you know, for science), so if you have something in mind, please let us know. Also, who doesn't like field trips?

7. We Speak Your #Language

The language of hashtags, that is. We have our very own Instagram (follow us @spoon_purdue) and love when our members post pics of their latest food finds #spoonuniversity #purdue #foodie #nofilter #sorrynotsorry #hashtag.

8. Real World Experience in a Chill Setting

I can't tell you how much Spoon has prepared me for internships and other jobs. The use of Slack, regular phone/Google Hangout meetings, and interacting with people you will probably never actually see is the norm in countless companies today. Sharpen your e-meeting skills and have fun writing meeting notes, because #adulting is real.

9. We are Run by, for and with Students of Purdue

The leaders of our chapter, our content, and everything else is decided by US. Do you want to write about S'mores? The spicy ramen challenge? The Military Diet? We have significant freedom in creating Spoon Purdue the way we want it, so feel free to be as creative as possible.

10. We Need YOU

We are in need of writers, photographers, social media personnel, videographers, and public relations specialists. The only prerequisite is this: you have to like food! 

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