All I've been seeing on social media for the past few months is this crazy Fire Ramen Challenge, where people dare to slurp up steaming bowls of Korean spicy noodles—Fire Chicken Ramen Noodles in particular. As I watch all the videos of people screaming or flaunting their heat-tolerance, I'm sitting here eating the very same food, but for enjoyment.

It's honestly pretty funny and entertaining watching all of these people either love or hate them, but I think the world needs to realize that these are also noodles that can be enjoyed.

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Tabitha Wibowo

So here are five very simple ways to spice up your fire chicken ramen:

1. Fire Carbonara

chicken, sauce
Jane Yeo

After draining your noodles, add a cup of milk to the pot until it starts to simmer. Then, add the fire sauce packet and your choice of cheese to make an upgraded carbonara ramen. Pasta? Ramen? Two of my favorite foods in one.

#SpoonTip: Add bacon to get that extra boom factor.

2. Fire Chapagetti

egg, egg yolk, fried egg, bread
Jane Yeo

Chapagetti is a black-bean instant ramen that adds the perfect appetizing kick to your spicy noodles. Mix the two sauces and noodles and you're set. Fiery meets nutty in a heavenly bowl.  

#SpoonTip: Don't forget to add a fried egg on top!

3. Fire Tteokbokki 

peanut, noodle, chicken
Jane Yeo

Tteokbokki is a spicy Korean rice cake dish that you can easily make by adding rice cake to your fire noodles. Just pop those bad boys in when boiling your water, then follow the normal directions.

4. Fire Risotto

Jane Yeo

Another pasta meets ramen dish, where in this case, we're going to add rice and lots of cheese to the noodles. Drain the noodles and add them to a bowl of rice. Stir the ingredients with the fire sauce, then cover with cheese. Microwave for three minutes. Stare at a lip-smacking pot of heaven. 

#SpoonTip: Not a spicy soul? Try making this instant butternut squash risotto in your own dorm room.

5. Fire Fried Rice

egg, bibimbap, rice, fried egg, ramen, pork, fried rice, egg yolk
Jane Yeo

After draining your noodles, throw them into a pan along with some rice, chicken, and green onions and use a flick of the wrist to cook them. Make that pan your wok.

#SpoonPSA: Don't forget the fried egg

It's clear that South Korea is a haven of good food. This instant ramen definitely spices up my life and brings out the chef in me. Buy a pack of this fire chicken ramen at the closest Korean grocery store near you to explore the different variations of this beloved food. Good luck, my young grasshoppers.