As a student from California, I often find myself craving a cup of boba milk tea every now and then. I'm not too proud to admit it, but when I'm home, I usually get my fix of boba at least three to four times a week. But after coming to Purdue, a school majestically placed in a barren land of corn fields, I had trouble locating the nearest boba shop to fulfill an addiction I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

But worry not, Boilermakers, for I have compiled a list (in no particular order) of the only places in West Lafayette, Indiana you can sprint to for a satisfying boba run

1. Kungfutea 

milk, tea, coffee
Jane Yeo

This major boba chain is popular throughout the east coast, and luckily for us, it has made its home in the snug corner of Chauncey Square. Quench your thirst with an Oreo milk tea or order appetizers like fried calamari and popcorn chicken. The establishment provides a variety of games (like Jenga, Uno, etc...) for its customers to play with in the spacious shop. 

2. Latea Lounge

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Photo courtesy of Latea Lounge

The founders of Latea, who used to be Purdue students, decided to open up shop here on the Wabash Landing. From fried cheesecakes to sweet drinks, Latea's menu has a variety of items that will keep you coming back. Order a taro milk tea with bubbles to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

3. Green Leaf Vietnamese 

coffee, tea, milk, cappuccino, espresso
Jane Yeo

A lot of people go to Green Leaf to get their Vietnamese food (dry noodles are awesome), but not many know about their milk teas. It’s a bit of a walk down the hill from Chauncey, but it’s worth it. 

They tend to get very busy, so it’s good to pop in between to grab your boba (or else you’ll wait 15 minutes like me). Pair your pho with some boba to kill two birds with one stone.

4. Hitea 

coffee, milk, espresso, tea, cappuccino, cream, mocha, chocolate, hot chocolate
Jane Yeo

This little shop tucked in the corner next to AJ’s Burgers and Fries originally only served milk tea. But a year into their business, they decided to introduce different Chinese dishes to their menu. So now Hitea is a restaurant with an extensive drink and food menu, and a great place to study and sip your day away with a red bean smoothie (with boba of course). 

5. Korean Street Food Express (PMU)

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Jane Yeo

Whenever I’m craving Korean street food, this place is IT. This newly added stand is right between Freshens and Urban Market, so it’s might be hard to miss. They’re popular for their chicken skewer bowls and tacos, but they also sell milk teas. The drink menu is a bit limited (and branded by Latea), but if you desperately need your boba while studying on campus, this is the place to go. 

6. Basil Thai 

Jane Yeo

Another restaurant that has a “hidden” menu of milk tea is Basil Thai. This restaurant has awesome Thai dishes (PAD SEE-EW ALL THE WAY) that pair extremely well with their milk teas. Wash down the spicy, greasy goodness with a Taro slush with boba to make your stomach happy. Basil Thai is right next to Taco Bell in Chauncey Square, so it’s an easy five minute walk from campus.

When you're in the library studying your life away, make sure to remind yourself how close all of these boba shops are. Instead of crying about your upcoming bio-chemistry test, seek refuge in boba instead (in moderation, maybe).