Snapple's marketing scheme claims that it's made from the best stuff on earth. Is Snapple also feeding our minds with the best stuff on earth? Every time I sit down with a Snapple bottle I follow a specific procedure without even realizing. I shake it for best taste, sit back, and listen to the pop of the cap before I read what obscure Snapple fact is on the cap of my bottle. Most people skim through the fact quickly and move on with their life. But if you really sit down to think about the Snapple fact, it raises a few questions. Let's dive deeper. 

MOO-ve to The Music

Snapple Fact # 236: Cows produce more milk when they listen to music. 

When I first read this fact, I thought it was kind of odd. How could listening to music help a cow produce more milk? Then I took a step back and compared it to my own productivity. I find that I am actually more productive when I listen to music too. What a glorious day when one finds out they have more in common with cows than they would have imagined.

Beep Beep

Snapple Fact # 153 The speed limit in NYC was eight mph in 1895.

All I can say is, wow. Can you imagine a place where the speed limit is eight mph? I witness road rage from drivers when they are stuck behind a driver going twenty mph on a side street. If that was the speed limit today, New Yorkers would lose their hustle and bustle, while increasing their level of anger and their blood pressure. 


Snapple Fact #107 You burn more calories sleeping than watching TV. 

To be as direct as possible...sign me up.

Way Up, I Feel Blessed

Snapple Fact #148 The tallest man was 8ft. 11in. 

Think about all the doorways you wouldn't be able to walk through, all the deep ends in pools that you can walk in, and all the rollercoasters you would be too tall to ride. Talk about seeing life through a different perspective.


Nicole Gallina

Snapple Fact 6/18/1 Prom?

This Snapple fact was an original idea and was too cute to pass up. In the midst of all the prom-posals during senior year of high school this cap was created. It turned an ordinary meal into an extraordinary moment.