Holiday shopping can be exciting, but tiring. With the crazy lines and massive crowds, it's important to make smart decisions when it comes to fueling your body for a day at the mall, and those gingerbread cookies are not going to cut it. That being said, here are five of the best energy-boosting snacks that will help you recharge while shopping this holiday season.

1. Apples and Peanut Butter

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Kelly Ho

With this snack, you'll gain great benefits from the fruit and walk alway with a little extra from the peanut butter. High in fiber and packed with protein, apples with peanut butter will give you the strength you need to power through an exhausting day. If peanut butter isn't your thing, try almond butter as an alternative. 


chocolate, coffee
Max Lederman

What’s dairy free, soy free, gluten free, made with all natural ingredients, and still delicious? Does such a thing even exist? Yep, it does, and it's called RXBAR. Unlike many other packaged nutritional bars, this snack contains entirely real ingredients and is more delicious and satisfying than it looks. To get in the holiday spirit, I highly recommend the seasonal pumpkin spice flavor.

3. Almonds

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Kendra Valkema

A package of almonds is your best option for a simple, portable snack. One serving of this guilt-free nut can satiate just about any craving. Not only will it keep your stomach feeling full, but it's also very easy to take with you on the go. This snack is my favorite in raw form, but if you are looking for something with a little extra kick, try roasted, salted, or even chocolate covered almonds.

4. Vegetables and Hummus 

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Kendra Valkema

Before consuming all of your favorite holiday treats, you may be leaning toward snacks that are little more savory. With that in mind, slice up some vegetables and bring along a package of hummus. Of all of the dips to go with veggies, hummus is always my go-to. Healthy, filling, and delicious are the best ways to describe this protein-packed snack. 

5. Dark Chocolate

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Grace Goettman

Although it may feel indulgent, dark chocolate can actually be very nutritious when eaten in moderation. As a great source of amino acids, this snack can help with stress reduction, and it contains  caffeine, which can help boost your energy (it may not be coffee, but it will definitely do the trick). A simple square may be too basic, so make this snack more interesting with these epic Trader Joe's dark chocolate-covered products. 

My number one piece of advice is that preparation is your key to surviving holiday shopping this winter. Remember that good eats means positive energy, so pack snacks that will allow you to be at your best (because no one wants to be hangry during the holidays).

And, when you're waiting in those hour-long lines and just don't think you can make it, you'll be happy that you planned ahead.  How else are you going to function during the busiest time of the year? It's power moves only this holiday season, so power ahead with these snacks.