Almond butter is great with the classic apples and toast, but sometimes that doesn’t get you going in the mornings. It’s time to start getting creative with your favorite nut butter. Almond butter is not only good for you and tastes amazing, but it’s also super easy to add into some of your favorite recipes. It has the same consistency as peanut butter, but is not as fattening and provides a slightly saltier taste.

1. Put them into pancakes

almond butter

Photo by Brittany Arnett

Melt some almond butter in the microwave, mix it in with good old Aunt Jemima, and ta da: a heart-healthy pancake. It tastes even better with leftover almond butter drizzled on top and sprinkled with chocolate chips. Use this Nutter Butter Pancake recipe to turn a regular pancake into something magical.

2. Remake into almond butter cups

almond butter

Photo by Clare Beatty

These tasty treats are a new and improved version of a homemade Reese’s. It’s basically the ideal dessert for someone who likes something a little sweet and a little salty. You can follow this recipe to create this treat, just substitute peanut butter for almond butter.

3. Smoosh into a s’more

almond butter

Photo courtesy of @radiantrachels on Instagram

Instead of your average s’mores, try putting almond butter on the graham cracker, which will melt with the warm chocolate. It’ll get even better once it oozes with the marshmallow. You’ll never eat s’mores like you used to ever again.

4. Bake into cookies

almond butter

Photo by Julia Wilson

A cookie can never do wrong, but these almond butter cookies are all types of right. Instead of adding peanut butter to your recipes, just tweak it with almond butter and you’ll be introduced to a whole new cookie world.

5. Mix into an Asian peanut sauce

almond butter

Photo by Julia Liang

Something savory with almond butter? You bet. Make a homemade sauce for your thai noodles, a dipping sauce spring rolls, or for really any other yummy cuisine. This hack is life changing and super easy too.

6. Warm in a sandwich

almond butter

Photo by Tarika Narain

Imagine a PB & J, then imagine a grilled cheese, then imagine it combined…yup, it’s amazing. Toasted bread, smooth almond butter, and some fresh berries or jam make for a new lunchtime favorite.

7. Put into a smoothie

almond butter

Photo by Rachel Dyckman

An almond butter, strawberry, and banana smoothie makes for the best type of morning. Mix almond butter into your normal morning smoothie for an extra splash of protein and flavor. The nut butter adds to the consistency as well—huge plus if you like thicker smoothies.

8. Mix into overnight oats

almond butter

Photo by Maggie Harriman

Never throw away an empty jar of almond butter because there are so many ways you can make something so wonderful out of it, like chia seed overnight oats. Mix whatever ingredients you want in the container, let it sit overnight, and in the morning enjoy this jar of pure perfection.

9. Eat with a spoon

almond butter

Photo by Katherine Carroll

I refuse to feel any remorse by this last one, because there is no better way to have almond butter then directly out of the jar. It’s the ultimate pick me up and go-to snack.

Other ways to incorporate your almond butter can be in sweet and savory quesadillas, mixed into homemade ice cream, or really any food you feel like getting creative with. Never stop experimenting. It’s always the craziest concoctions that turn out to be pure masterpieces.