Aldi. Have you heard of it? It's amazing. And I love it for being exactly what it is. It's not glam. There are zero no-frills. But hot damn, the prices simply can't be beat.

I find Aldi endearing, and every grocery adventure, to me, is an emotional experience. Here are 29 emotions I have, and perhaps you share, every time you are lucky enough to visit the big A.

beer, coffee
Katherine Baker

#SpoonTip: Some people think Trader Joe's and Aldi are owned by the same company. As a former Trader Joe's employee, I can attest that they are not owned by same company, but both totally awesome for different reasons.

1. I'm more than willing to deposit a quarter to use a cart, because I am about to save SO MUCH MONEY.

water, beer
Katherine Baker

2. I'm also happy I brought my own bags. The fact that Aldi makes you pay $0.05 for each bag may annoy some, but the charge encourages people to remember bags, and is way-more eco friendly. Such forward thinking. Basically, I feel like I'm saving the planet rn.

3. I don't even care that the ambiance is slightly depressing and makes me feel like I'm in a poorly-lit prison because Aldi is still the greatest place on earth.

beer, cake
Katherine Baker

4. Holy shit. Like, how is this price even possible?

5. Why don't more people shop here? This is amazing.

beer, peanut butter
Angelia Heimsoth

6. Actually, let's keep it that way. The less people in my Aldi, the better.

7. Cereal for under $1.50? Are you f*cking kidding me? Like how do they do it.

corn, wheat, cereal, sweet
Katherine Baker

8. I am going to buy ALL of the baking staples here.

9. I'm mildly sketched out that the produce isn't in a cooler, but let's be real, at these prices, I give zero fucks.

Katherine Baker

10. They even have almond milk and gluten-free pancake mix nowadays. Aldi, you're continuously outdoing yourself. Now if only you had tofu...

11. When they try to look like name-brands it's so cute I can hardly stand it.

Katherine Baker

12. This is a European chain. I feel very Euro-chic right now.

13. I have no need for this special coffee cake mix and I have like eight mixes to use at home, but I'm mildly intrigued, and since it might not be here next time, I should probably just get it.

14. That awkward moment when a name brand pops up among the Aldi brands and you're like oh heyyyy.

cake, chocolate
Katherine Baker

15. I have no idea why there are sparkly Snuggies and light-up lawn decorations here, but you know what, maybe I really do need a Snuggie. And this glowing gnome could really accent my lawn.

16. Okay seriously, how do they do this? Avocados for $0.79? Pinch me.

Angelia Heimsoth

17. But really, I feel like I'm stealing.

18. I'm not stealing though right? Even if this whole bag of chia seeds is only $1.69.

Katherine Baker

19. Okay but really why don't more people shop here?

20. I really do not need this giant bag of pretzels at all, but it's so cheap I'd be kinda stupid NOT to buy it.

21. There may be only one register open and zero help bagging, but I DGAF.

22. Holy shit their impulse buys are so cheap! Getting all six of these granola bar varieties. And a bag of nuts even though I have some in my car. 

peanut, chocolate, peanut butter, candy
Katherine Baker

23. Not thirsty, but at $0.49, sure, I'll throw in a sparkling water.

24. Omg omg it's almost my turn to check out. I love how fast they are. 

25. And the fact that they pay their employees decently makes me feel good spending my money here.

Katherine Baker

26. Well, I got everything, AND MORE, for such good prices!

27. I cannot wait to brag about all these deals to my friends and family. Would it be obnoxious to post a pic of my receipt to Facebook? 

chocolate, coffee
Angelia Heimsoth

28. I'm going to dive into these imported Belgium chocolates on my way home and they will taste even better because they cost 1/4th of the price of my Starbucks this morning.

29. Much satisfied. Many happies. Until next time, Aldi.