Shake Shack is making it easier for you to order a juicy cheeseburger. The fast casual burger chain just launched a nationwide mobile ordering app that will let you skip the line. 

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Marina Nazario

Shake Shack launched mobile ordering two months ago at one Manhattan location. Now, the feature has been extended to locations in New Jersey, Washington DC, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis, reports Eater. Mobile ordering is currently not available to locations in Austin, Dallas, or Atlanta. They'll get there.

Additionally, Shack app is only available to iOS users, sorry Androids. But never fear — it's in the process of becoming available to you. The full menu for specific Shake Shack locations is available on the app. And of course, you can still hack the menu through the app.

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Marina Nazario

Customers can choose what they want, select an available pickup time, and the food will be cooked-to-order and timed to their arrival. All pickup times are in fifteen minute increments. Although, Business Insider reports a 40-minute lag between the time you place your order on the app, and the expected time for pick-up. That's not cool.

Mobile ordering is especially great for chains like Shake Shack, which is notorious for their long lines. I used to watch the Shack Cam at the Madison Square Park location, so that I would know when there wasn't a line and I could run right up to the counter. Desperate times. 

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Marina Nazario

Now with mobile ordering at Shake Shack, customers can gain back 20 minutes of their day and still enjoy a savory burger from the best burger chain. Just imagine if they delivered. In addition to mobile ordering, Shake Shack will be extending its breakfast menu and adding more burgers to the menu. Seems to be an exciting year for the chain.