Shake Shack has big plans to keep customers happy. The burger joint revealed on Wednesday that it will make several additions to its menu in 2017, according to Eater

It's no secret that Shake Shack likes to mix up its menu with funky burger additions, like when it celebrated its 10th birthday, or when it added a limited-time-only Pickled Jalapeño Burger.

In January, Shake Shack introduced its first chicken sandwich, the Chick'n Shack. The masterpiece proved to be such a success that the company will be adding more limited-time chicken sandwiches to its menu. The Salt & Pepper Honey Chick'n sandwich is already available at its three Brooklyn locations.

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Shake Shack is channeling Southern comfort with the addition of two barbecue-style sandwiches. First, the Barbecue Shackmeister burger—a patty topped with beer-marinated crispy shallots and Shack barbecue sauce. As well as the Barbecue Chick'n Shack, which includes crispy chicken breast topped with Shack barbecue sauce on a bun. Both will appear in 2017 for $6.89

Shake Shack will also be adding more locations that serve breakfast. Currently, breakfast is only offered at locations in Grand Central, Fulton Center, and airports. The burger chain is keeping the trend of offering breakfast at mass transit centers by adding breakfast to the menu of its up-and-coming Penn Station location. Breakfast options include coffee, juice, bacon or sausage, and egg and cheese sandwiches.

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In the meantime, use these nine Shake Shack menu hacks to get creative with your current options. A peanut butter and bacon ShackBurger definitely sounds intriguing.